10 New Amigahood Circles to Join and Connect With Community


Check out the latest Amigahood Circles, and join this amazing online community of Latinas to continue growing professionally and personally.

As spring flowers are blooming, so is our Amigahood community! We are excited to announce that we have ten new Amigahood circles for you you consider joining. If it’s your first time hearing about our virtual comunidad, you can learn more about it here. Our Amigahood is transformative and poured into by 20,000 members. Circles are a way for you to find a niche community in this expansive online casita. Led by community members themselves, Circles are subgroups where you can find other Amigas who live near you, have similar interests, connect on a shared identity, or offer valuable thought leadership. There are over 60 Amigahood Circles to date led by impactful Latinas & Femme Latines, como tú! Explore the abundance of opportunities, and cultivate your Amigahood through IRL meet-ups, virtual cafecitos, and an online space to be your whole self.

Check out the latest Amigahood Circles!

The logo for the #WeAllGrow Amigahood Circle Cafecito Con Jefas.

Cafecito con Jefas

Circle Leader: Kita Zuleta, Brand Strategist

Cafecito con Jefas is a space for jefas to talk about balancing real life, running a business + showing up online. Here, you can ask questions, get support, and share tips on how to grow on social media. Kita hosts weekly co-working sessions via Zoom every Friday to end your week in community with jefas getting things done!

The Coaches Circle

Circle Leaders: Wendy Amara, Strategic Life & Business Coach

In this Circle, Wendy Amara, an experienced Master Coach, serves as a guide to help you build a successful coaching practice. She answers questions about coaching and the coaching industry. She also supports you in gaining clarity, mindset and strategy to become the coach you want to be.

The logo for the #WeAllGrow Amigahood Circle, The Coaches Circle.
The logo for the #WeAllGrow Amigahood circle, Live the Life You Want.

Live the Life You Want

Circle Leader: Dr. Lori Ochoa, Psychologist

If you are feeling stuck, stagnant, or wanting more from your life, then this Amigahood Circle led by Dr. Lori Ochoa, PhD, BCBA-D, is for you. Acceptance and Commitment Coaching (behavioral-psychology strategies) will help you to get out of your head and step into your purpose.

The Writers Circle

Circle Leader: Damaly Gonzalez, Writer

The Writers Circle is about gathering all writers in one space to help each other navigate the industry, share resources, share + celebrate our work, give and seek advice, and provide feedback. It is for writers of all genres – journalism, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, editors, copy/content writers, and everything else in between.

The logo for the #WeAllGrow Amigahood Circle, The Writers Circle.
The logo for the #WeAllGrow Amigahood Circle, Marketing Magic for Small Business Amigas.

Marketing Magic for Small Business Amigas

Circle Leader: Monica M. Rivera, Marketing & Business Coach

Marketing Magic Circle for Small Business Amigas is a community dedicated to helping women small business owners learn and implement innovative and creative marketing strategies. This Circle is for entrepreneurs looking to expand their marketing knowledge and take their businesses to the next level.

Cultivate Momentum

Circle Leader: Carol Umanzor, Self-Celebration Practitioner

Cultivate Momentum is for Amigas who are interested in using what they are passionate about to connect with other Amigas through collaborations, community building, and action. This circle is about taking action to move the energy inside of us to heal ourselves and others. The goal is to build interdependence and community by connecting and collaborating on events, projects, and more.

The logo for the #WeAllGrow Amigahood Circle, Cultivate Momentum.
The logo for the #WeAllGrow Amigahood Circle, Amigas Building Wealth.

Amigas Building Wealth

Circle Leader: Cat Oliva, Wealth Coach

This Amigahood Circle is a safe space for us to talk about money without shame, guilt, or fear that has likely surrounded this topic since our childhood. A weekly “office hours” will be provided for circle members to jump on weekly and ask questions or share their money wins. This time can be used to hold yourself accountable to work on a budget, review expenses, prepare for taxes, work on ways to increase income, etc.! We will talk strategy for your money to help it grow and work for you, and build a strong money mindset to attract more dinero!

Holding Espacio

Circle Leader: Brenda Juarez, Life Coach

This Amigahood Circle is meant to uplift and inspire Millennial Latinas from “The Hood” without a degree. Anyone that can relate to any of the above communities will find value in this espacio. Let’s learn and grow together!

The logo for the #WeAllGrow Amigahood Circle, Holding Espacio.
The logo for the #WeAllGrow Amigahood Circle, Cycle Breakers Club.

Cycle Breakers Club

Circle Leader: Priscilla María Gutiérrez, Trauma Recovery Coach

Each of us is either breaking or repeating a cycle. The Cycle Breakers Club Circle is a healing circle led by Certified Trauma Recovery Coach Priscilla María for Amigas to emerge as Cycle Breakers. This space equips Amigas with tools and resources to break cycles that weigh them down.

Mujeres in Marketing

Circle Leader: Ashley Rivera Mercado, Digital Marketing Specialist

This Amigahood Circle is a one-stop shop for all Latinas working in marketing regardless of industry or employment status. It’s meant to cultivate conversation to help members grow as marketing professionals and share resources and opportunities.

The logo for the #WeAllGrow Amigahood Circle, Mujeres Marketing.




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