9 Finance Books Written by Latinas to Help You Build Wealth


We've gathered five finance books written by Latina authors about building wealth. 1. 'Latinas in Finances' by Imelda Rodríguez 2. 'A Latina’s Guide to Money' by Eva Macias 3. 'Overcoming Debt, Achieving Financial Freedom' by Cindy Zuniga-Sanchez 4. 'Stock Market Investing: Mini Lessons for Beginners' by Mabel A. Nuñez 5. 'Building Wealth on a Dime' by Kimberly Hamilton 6. 'Wealth Warrior: 8 Steps for Communities of Color to Conquer the Stock Market' by Linda García 7. 'Jumpstart Your Marriage & Your Money' by Elle Martinez

If you want to build generational wealth, browse through these nine books by Latina authors. Equip yourself with the financial knowledge needed to reach your financial goals.

Financial literacy month might be over, but learning how to build generational wealth requires effort year-round. There are so many personal finance books out there, so we’ve narrowed down some of our favorites by Latina authors. Whether you’re a first-time investor, need clarification on what to include in your budget, or are ready to take your financial expertise to the next level, there is a book on this list for you. Browse through these nine books to equip you with the financial knowledge you need to step into your financial power. Amiga, step into the abundance you deserve.

A Latina’s Guide to Money | Eva Macias

Read the book "A Latina's Guide to Money" to build generational wealth.

This book is specially written for Latinas who are often reluctant or overwhelmed by the financial process. Eva Macias shows readers that taking charge of your finances can be quite fun, especially watching your money grow. Whether you’re just getting started or starting over again, this book includes everything you need to know about personal finance.

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Latinas in Finances | Imelda Rodríguez

The stark reality is that Latinas do not see themselves represented in important financial conversations. “Latinas in Finance: Changing the financial narrative on Latina at a time” is a collaboration of women who share their stories of financial failures and successes. This book is a movement aiming to build generational wealth among Latinas.

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Stock Market Investing: Mini Lessons for Beginnners | Mabel A. Nuñez

Nuñez has filled this book with informative, straightforward educational mini-lessons regarding the world of individual stocks and investing. These digestible lessons make the stock market feel more palatable. So, if you are a beginner looking to enhance your knowledge of the stock market and start your investing journey, you’ve come to the right book.

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Investing in Real Estate at a Young Age | Natalie Torres-Haddad

Are you ready to become financially savvy in real estate investing? This book holds the questions every aspiring real estate investor should ask themselves before investing. It serves as a quick guidebook to help with the overwhelming journey of investing, no matter the state of our economy. Torres- Haddad supports you in building generational wealth through real estate investing. 

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Overcoming Debt, Achieving Financial Freedom: 8 Pillars to Build Wealth | Cindy Zuniga-Sanchez

Lawyer, business owner, and first-generation professional Cindy Zuniga-Sanchez delivers a practical and actionable blueprint for financial independence. This book is a holistic guide to responsibly managing money and debt while building your nest egg, whether you are a young adult, student, or early-career professional.

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Wealth Warrior: 8 Steps For Communities of Color to Conquer the Stock Market | Linda García

This much-needed conversational guide to the stock market by a financial expert will empower you to heal money wounds, establish financial literacy, and make your money work for you. Financial educator Linda García breaks down how to analyze a company, choose the right stocks for you, and create a plan to multiply your money.

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Jumpstart Your Marriage & Your Money: A 4-Week Guide to Building Wealth Together | Elle Martinez

Personal finance expert Elle Martinez shares her four-week plan to help couples stop worrying about money and build wealth together. Reading this book will help you and your partner cultivate open and honest communication and get started on the path to financial freedom. Get insight from personal stories and interviews with hundreds of successful couples on living a more stress-free financial life.

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Budgeting For Dummies | Athena Valentine Lent

Building generational wealth all starts with a budget. Author Athena Valentine, founder of the Money Smart Latina, shows you how to create a plan that fits your lifestyle, manages everyday needs, and builds your savings. These step-by-step details will guide you in creating a budget for your personal financial goals.

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Read the book "Budgeting for Dummies" to build generational wealth.

Building Wealth on a Dime | Kimberly Hamilton

Use this book as your guide for building wealth through small but powerful changes to your money, no matter how small you’re starting. As a former student debt warrior turned homeowner, Hamilton knows what it takes to shift your mindset and achiever financial freedom. If you’re ready to shift your financial trajectory and trust yourself with money, this one is for you.

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