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Our Amigahood hosts are leaders within our virtual comunidad who hold space through unique content and thought-provoking prompts each month. You could be an Amigahood guest host too!

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Show your passion through the Amigahood Community. Dive into resources, connections, and exclusive perks.

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Having weekly mastermind sessions with Latina jefas:

Ponte cómoda and gather in community during Office Hours for open dialogue, resource sharing, and Q&A with the #WeAllGrow leadership team.

Meditate with Amigas:

Start your day with Heal Morning Meditations for inner peace that will leave your body feeling lighter and your mind at ease.

Attend monthly book chats:

The Latinas & Libros Book Club creates space to hear from our favorite Latine authors and the stories behind new releases.

Participate in group coaching sessions:

Holding Hands Group Coaching is a circle of trust that’s inclusive and intimate for you to gain tools to explore and grow your potential.

Take part in the monthly Cafecito con Amigas – New Member Orientation:

New to Amigahood? Join us every month to meet new Amigas, discover all of the Amigahood-exclusive resources available to you, and learn how to navigate our online casita

Be part of an Amigahood Circle:

Amigahood Circles are a way for you to find a niche community within our online casita. There are over 70 Amigahood Circles Led by community members just like you.

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The Amigas Ads Program is an exclusive perk for Amigahood members. Place an ad, reach amigas, and grow your business.

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As a member, you’ll get priority access to host a workshop or session using your field of expertise. It’s your time to shine!

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The Amigahood app is the largest community app for Latinas with an entrepreneurial and creative spirit, fostering a safe space for all of us to heal, commune, and grow juntas. Download the app and quickly access the community here.

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Yes, amiga! Becoming an Amigahood member is free and easy to join. Our perks, exclusive events, and connections are all free. Once inside, there are a few paid courses; others are free for you to deepen your knowledge on certain topics, but these are totally optional. We also offer the opportunity for our Amigas to purchase ads as an exclusive opportunity for Amigahood members only. We constantly evolve, design new opportunities, and work with our partners to offer you the most value. At our core, we believe in creating access for our comunidad and we look forward to keep creating opportunities and innovative ways to keep growing juntas!

Once you’re a member, the first thing that you’ll see is a step-by-step, detailed video walking you through each section so that everything is clear. Additionally, we host a monthly Cafecito con Amigas New Member Orientation via Zoom to help you feel at home in our online casita.

Yes. We’re inclusive and diverse, which means Black/African American, LGBTQIA+, those of Indigenous descent, Spanish, Hispanic, Female, different generations, etc., are Latinas at the core.

Yes. Our Amigahood members are a combination of entrepreneurs, career professionals, students, parents, creatives…you name it. We welcome all.

Of course not. We’re an intergenerational community and welcome all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds.

While #WeAllGrow Latina is a U.S.-based organization, our Amigahood is global! You will be surprised to meet other members who live in Europe, Central & South America, and beyond. Our virtual events are offered at different times to accommodate various time zones.

Of course! One of the many spaces offered in Amigahood is Amigas en Español where everyone speaks solely in Spanish.

¡Por supuesto! Uno de los espacios que se ofrecen en Amigahood es Amigas en Español, donde se habla únicamente español.

While we love our Latino brothers and your allyship, we created this community as a safe space for Latinas and femme Latines. We ask that you respect the sacred space we have built and instead pass along the invite to those in your network who would benefit from a community such as ours.

Amiga, we see you!

¿Qué esperas?

At #WeAllGrow we are constantly expanding opportunities to support our mission to elevate the voices and stories of Latinas via the power of community!

Here are some of the partners that we’ve worked with to offer our Amigahood community members free and exclusive perks.

Our focus is to be unapologetically Latina and embrace all of our intersectional identities.

When one grows, #WeAllGrow