4 Mindset Shifts To Put Yourself First


Many of us struggle with implementing boundaries in our relationships. Life Coach Karina F. Daves breaks it down into steps so you can feel confident putting yourself first.

It’s easy to say, “put yourself first,” but sometimes, taking that action can feel unclear. Life Coach Karina F. Daves led an exclusive AMIGAS event and broke down the what, why, and how to prioritize your needs so you can show up as your best self. Plus, she even shared her framework for decision-making around boundaries. We gathered some key messages from the event, so you can incorporate them into your life.

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When you put yourself first, you will offend and piss off many people.

“The people that you piss off are offended by your growth. But it is not your assignment to fix that offense or aid them in that. Putting yourself first is liberation. It’s a form of freedom. It’s a step closer to walking in alignment with the very purpose that this world is calling you to have.”

Putting yourself first is 1000% aligned with your purpose. 

“Putting yourself first means that you’ve made a decision to choose your calling, you’ve made a decision to choose your destiny, and you’ve made a decision to take your power. You’ve made a decision to lift as you rise. When you put yourself first, you pour into yourself until you are 100%. And then, when you go into the world, you give 100% of yourself. It doesn’t serve anybody if you’re giving from a place of burnt out.”

It isn’t serving anyone around you that you give without reciprocity.

“It doesn’t serve anybody if you’re giving from this place of burnout. Your power is at stake. Your energy is at stake. Your desire is at stake. Your sexiness is at stake. So if you continue to give from this place, you need to understand not only what is at stake, but what is in danger. Your power is worth fighting for and protecting.”

You are the primary driver of your life.

“Trust that you are the best driver for your life. Decisions are just directions toward a destination in your life. They don’t have to be crazy confusion; they are a simple turning point you need to take to put yourself first. So, ask yourself, how equipped are you to enter this season in order to put yourself first?”

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