Mexican Athlete & Los Cabos Brand Ambassador Diana Flores Wants Us All To Embrace Our Wellness Era


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Captain and Quarterback of Mexico’s World Champion Women’s National Flag Football Team Diana Flores has added another title to her belt: Los Cabos’ very first wellness brand ambassador. With Los Cabos, Diana is bringing light to the Baja California destination as a place where you can discover and nurture all the different versions of yourself through Los Cabos’ nature, gastronomy, culture, comunidad, spa, and environment rooted in wellness.

“We’re going to be introducing you to somebody that really reflects the ultimate theme of what is wellness in place in the destination,” said Rodrigo Esponda, Managing Director for Los Cabos Tourism Board at the Brand Ambassador Launch hosted in New York City. 

“We needed to search for somebody that was ambitious, that was an athlete, that has been working very hard to achieve things and can really reflect a hero,” shared Esponda. 

Diana’s ability to balance intense athletic pursuits with moments of rejuvenation aligns with Los Cabos’ renowned world-class resorts, spas, and tranquil beachfront experiences, showing that you can work hard, play hard, and relax even more. 

“That the activities and the things that they reflect in the values are aligned to the destination,” shared Esponda. “So definitely somebody to do it is Diana.”

We sat down with Diana to talk about how she keeps herself centered and grounded, her favorite wellness practices in Los Cabos, and how this ambassadorship has helped her see herself as part of a much bigger picture rooted in wellness and representation for a generation that can dream big having her as a role model.

WAG: Our community is such a big fan of you. I’m not gonna lie, you had us crying during the Super Bowl. We were just so proud to see you! So, para comenzar, how do you prioritize yourself, your wellness routine, and keep yourself centered, amidst a demanding schedule as an athlete?

Diana: I’ve learned during this journey as an athlete, that in order to be able to be my best version of myself, not only on the field, but outside the field, it is important to take care of not only my physical health, but my mental health. I try to do that by doing things I like, things that make me happy, things that I love. Even if they don’t go with sports and may seem not to add to my goals, they are. That’s the time when your head and your spirit get free. You can connect with your true self. 

WAG: What are three habits you’ve changed to align with your strongest and healthiest self when you’re trying to maintain overall wellness? 

Diana: The first is giving myself time to do something I like, even if it is just like 20 minutes a day to listen to music, or playing the piano for a little bit.

I really try to do that, no matter if I have a very tough day, even if I am tired because that’s fulfilling to my soul. I like to spend time with my family, some quality time, and then, try to connect with myself.

To be honest, I’m not good [laying in my bed and meditating], but what I like to do is go out for a run. I don’t do it as part of my workout, I just do it to connect with myself, to feel my breath, to feel my heart, and to feel my body pumping. That really helps me to connect with myself, and visualize what I want to do.

WAG: I mean, it looks different for everybody. There are many different ways that people can find balance and mindfulness. 

Diana: I feel we just have to find what we like to do. We all have, as you said, different ways to connect with ourselves. It doesn’t have to be the same way for everyone. No matter the way, it’s just important to keep it in mind to connect to their selves.

“It is time to change that and show ourselves and the world that we are more than what we do. That we can be many things at the same time.”

WAG: Are there any wellness practices you grew up with, or with your familia? 

Diana: We have like a couple, remedios caseros. My mom used to get sábila (aloe vera), burns it into a comal, splits it in two, and then puts the jelly wherever I’ve sprained an ankle or a place that needs to be healed and leaves it all night. So the warmth of the aloe vera is like magic. It’s those kinds of things that go from the grandmother to your mom and then to us, and it is just special.

WAG: Those are ancestral remedies that are just carried on. I’ve heard of ways that the nopal is used, but never in that sense.

So, how has your relationship with your family changed since stepping into the global spotlight a little bit more and even becoming an ambassador for Los Cabos?

Diana: I think that our relationship has always been strong. Family to me means everything. They’re my strength, my motivation, my inspiration. But during this journey, we have had the opportunity to connect on a different level with each other. Our lives have changed since a year ago. And somehow we are more connected than ever.

We got to realize that whatever is happening, is way bigger than me, way bigger than us. Just to be able to be part of that and to be able to experience different things as a family, just brings us more joy and happiness. We just feel grateful and blessed, and we hope to impact many, many other, other lives to remember that no matter what are you living in life, the most important thing is who you’re living all those things with, and I cannot be more blessed to have them in my life. 

WAG: I love that you’re throughout it all, it’s always a connection to family. It’s why we’re here. Even a lot of what our community does is for their families. 

So, what does it mean to you to be a Los Cabos Wellness Brand Ambassador, and what does it mean for your inner child?

Diana: You know, when I was younger, I grew up in a world of a sport that was not meant to be for me. That I was told it was not for me, that it was for men, that I was too small to play, that I was too young to play. I didn’t have a role model to follow in my sport, something to look up to and to allow me to dream big.

It just didn’t feel like I was part of this bigger world. So, to me, that’s one of the most important things right now, that somehow I can help to be that inspiration for many other young girls, many other Latina girls, that now can feel seen. That now we have a voice. The world is looking at us. That we have a platform. I truly believe that representation matters, and that representation changes lives. So to be able to be part of that movement and to be part of that inspiration for the next generations makes me feel grateful and excited to see where all these future generations of leaders and amazing females are gonna go, now that they know that they can dream bigger than ever. To me, being a Latina woman representing not only my country, but such an amazing place as Los Cabos is just an honor to me. Los Cabos just has it all; it has culture, it has beautiful nature, it has amazing gastronomy, and it’s a place that really allows you to explore your different versions of yourself, to connect with your truest version. I couldn’t be more happy to represent this amazing place as Los Cabos, to be part of this family, and to show the world the greatness of Los Cabos

WAG: Funny fun fact, when I was in elementary, I used to play flag football. And so seeing you, I wish I would have seen someone like you when I was 8 years old as the only girl on the team and always benched. So personally I’m very proud of you, so thank you. It healed my inner child, too.

So how does Los Cabos allow you to reach a destination of mindfulness?

Diana: I feel that it’s just a place that allows you to explore many different versions of yourself, even if it is like to me as an athlete, like just going out and having a hard training session on the beach, and then going to the spa and having these like self moment to take care of myself. To give myself a hug and go outside and find many different adventures.

It has allowed me to experiment [with] all these versions of myself and to show myself that we are more than what we do. I feel that sometimes the world tends to put us, especially women, in little boxes, saying that you either are feminine, or a good athlete or a mom – just putting us in these small boxes.

It is time to change that and show ourselves and the world that we are more than what we do. That we can be many things at the same time. I feel that Los Cabos has allowed me to do just that: disconnect from the world to reconnect with myself. 

WAG: Final question – what does when one grows, we all grow mean to you?

When one grows, we all grow. I feel that it is powerful because that’s the way it is. Somehow we’re all connected. I know that we are where we are right now because of the amazing job of amazing women that were before us, that fought for what they loved and fought for us to have the opportunities we have.

Our way to be grateful for that and to keep pushing forward is to do the same thing. Everything we do has an impact on not only ourselves, but the people around us. Even if you don’t meet all those women, just being aware of that impact makes a huge difference. That inner strength and inspiration is way stronger and bigger because whatever we do, the legacy is more important than ourselves. The impact is way bigger than ourselves. That’s the beauty of solidarity. Building a strong community because our strength not only comes from ourselves, it comes from the people, the amazing women that were here before us, and the women around us.

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