22 Latinas Who Made History on the Hollywood Walk of Fame


#WeAllGrow Latina Editorial celebrates the 30 Latina with stars in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Image highlights the classic Hollywood sign.

While not having a star on Hollywood Boulevard doesn’t make you any less of the star you are, we are proud to see that these mujeres have quite literally paved the way on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with the representation our people deserve.

When I discovered that the late Queen of Banda, Jenny Rivera, will be getting her very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2023, it made me wonder how many Latinas and femme Latines actually have stars on the historic landmark.

I wasn’t expecting many because Hollywood is notorious for walking all over Latinas and mostly ignoring femme Latines. Giving them a star on the Walk, which is meant to be walked all over, is considered an honor, so you know that’s not going to happen very often.

Still, off I went, searching for Latinas and femme Latines with stars. I couldn’t find any femme Latines, and out of over 2,700 stars, I found less than 30 that honored Latinas. Allow me to share them with you because these stars are quite literally paving the way for others.

Christina Aguilera

The singer-songwriter, performer, director, and actor got her star in the recording category on November 15, 2010.

Celia Cruz

One of the most successful salsa performers EVER, Celia got her star on September 17, 1987, for recording.

Mariah Carey

The Queen of Christmas received the 2,556th star on the Walk on September 5, 2015, in the Recording category.

Lynda Carter

The singer, actor, and TV’s original Wonder Woman got her star on April 3, 2018, in the television category.

Dolores del Río

The Mexican actor was a star in Hollywood silent films. She got her star in the Motion Pictures category on February 8, 1960.

Cameron Diaz

The voice of Princess Fiona in the ‘Shrek’ films got her star on June 22, 2009, in the Motion Pictures category.

Gloria Estefan

The Cuban American singer, songwriter, and actor got her star on February 3, 1983, in the Recording category.

Katy Jurado

Born María Cristina Estela Marcela Jurado García in Guadalajara, Jalisco, she started acting in Mexican films in 1943. She got her star in the Motion Pictures category on February 1, 1994.

Eva Longoria

“We are not going Overboard when we say that Eva Longoria is one of Hollywood’s most popular television stars and directors. She embodies the woman who is working hard on her craft and at the same time gets involved in world matters,” said Ana Martinez, Producer of the Walk of Fame ceremonies, when the star was given her star on April 16, 2018, in the Television category.

Jennifer Lopez

The actor, entertainer, music artist, film and  TV producer, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and humanitarian got her star on June 20, 2013, in the Recording category.

Angélica Maria

“We are thrilled to honor triple threat performer Angélica María! Fans from around the world have been anxiously awaiting to see Angélica be placed on the historic Hollywood Walk of Fame, an accolade she truly deserves,” said Ana Martinez, Producer of the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremonies on May 25, 2016, when Mexico’s Sweetheart was given her star in the Live Performance category.

Rita Moreno

She sings, dances, acts, and is one of the few people to be a PEGOT winner. Meaning she’s won a Peabody, an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony. She received her star on July 20, 1995, in the Motion Picture category.


The Colombian singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, dancer, and philanthropist got her star on November 8, 2011, in the Recording category.

Zoe Saldana

“Zoe Saldana is one of those actresses who captivates audiences with her performances,” said Ana Martinez, Producer of the Walk of Fame ceremonies on May 3, 2018, when the Avatar star got her star in the category of Motion Pictures.

Cristina Saralegui

The Cuban American journalist, actor, and talk show host got her star on November 4, 1999, in the Television category.


Thalia is hailed by her fans as the Queen of Latin Pop.  “She is a singer and actress, as well as an author, radio personality and entrepreneur,” Ana Martinez, Producer of the Walk of Fame ceremonies, said on December 5, 2013, when the Mexican entertainer got her star in the Recording category. 

Selena Quintanilla

“Since day one of Selena’s selection into the Walk of Fame, not a day went by that we were not asked by fans when Selena would get her star,” said Ana Martinez on November 11, 2017, when The Queen of Tejano Music posthumously got her star in the Recording category.

Lupe Vélez

The Mexican film actor and dancer, often called“The Mexican Spitfire” and “The Hot Pepper” first started appearing in films in 1924. She got her star on February 8, 1960, in the Motion Pictures category. 

Sofia Vergara

The “Modern Family” actor got her star on May 7, 2015, in the Television category.

Raquel Welch

Born Jo Raquel Tejada, the actor, and author got her star in the Motion Pictures category on June 8, 1996.

Vanna White

The Wheel of Fortune co-host got her star on April 20, 2016, in the category of Television. Fun fact: One of her ancestors was one of the first mayors of Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Carmen Zapata

Born to a Mexican father and Argentine mother, Carmen appeared in over 100 movies and TV shows during her lifetime. She got her star in the Live Performance category on October 2, 2003.

While researching how many Latinas and femme Latines have a star on the Walk, I learned a lot about how stars are awarded. ¿Cómo qué?

There are six categories in which someone can be nominated:

·  Motion Pictures

·  Television

·  Radio

·  Recording

·  Live Theatre/Performance

·  Sports Entertainment

Anyone can nominate someone for a star.

As long as they include a letter of agreement from the nominee or their management. The nomination submission process is done online. Nominees are approved by the Walk of Fame Committee, which consists of an expert in each category.  

It’s not free to get a star.

Getting a star is an honor and a VERY hefty expense. The Hollywood Walk of Fame states that it costs “$55,000 after selection. The money is used to pay for the creation and installation of the star, as well as maintenance of the Walk of Fame. Price subject to change.”

Who would you like to see get a star on the Walk of Fame?

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