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Meet the 2023 Latina Makers Market Vendors, Presented by Capital One


With the inaugural #WeAllGrow Weekend Fest just around the corner, it’s an honor to introduce the Latina small businesses that will showcase their beautiful products at the Latina Makers Market (LMM), presented for a second consecutive year in partnership with Capital One.

We birthed the first Latina Makers Market in 2016 as our unique way to celebrate our community’s entrepreneurial surge. As LMM continues to evolve alongside us, it remains a staple opportunity for Latina founders to showcase their products at our events. Attendees can shop at the Latina Makers Market for anything from candles to organic skincare while interacting with the jefas behind the products they love. This is what Latinas supporting Latinas looks like!

Thank you to our partner, Capital One! 

It’s a joy to partner with Capital One again to bring you this year’s Latina Makers Market and continue fulfilling our mission of amplifying our community’s creative potential.

Capital One believes in celebrating diversity and amplifying the achievements, triumphs, and contributions of communities like ours. In their roles as professionals, entrepreneurs, and students, Latinas and femme Latines are defining themselves and paving the way for the next generation’s success. Capital One recognizes that and wants to support it. In their mission to change banking for good, they invest in their communities and create products and experiences that further the vision of a world where everyone can flourish. 

We are so grateful Capital One is a part of this year’s Latina Makers Market. Click here to learn more about Capital One’s commitment to close gaps in equity and opportunity. 

Atabey Coffee Roasters

Atabey is a specialty coffee roastery founded by Ana Nouel. It is on a mission to introduce the world to the exquisite flavors of single-origin Dominican coffee while supporting fair trade practices. Inspired by the Taino goddess Atabey, symbolizing the spirit of mother earth and water, Atabey Coffee Roasters is a tribute to their land and its rich coffee heritage.

Bonita Fierce

Bonita Fierce Candles, founded by Melissa Gallardo, is on a mission to revolutionize the toxic and generic home fragrance industry by changing the face of home fragrance by uprooting the Euro-centric fragrance narrative and introducing multicultural candles to the mass market.

Bundle x Joy

Bundle x Joy, founded by Jess Berger, is on a mission to deliver premium pet nutrition, curated products, and endless joy to every pet person. Founder Jess Berger personally crafted formulas she believes in to simplify pet nutrition and create more time for joy with our pups.

Cadena Collective

Cadena Collective, founded by sisters Alejandra & Mabel Aguirre, is on a mission to elevate the voices and stories of artisans and brands that maintain artisanal techniques alive and to promote storytelling and quality via slow fashion, all while empowering consumers to make conscious purchasing decisions.

Café Soñe

Co-founded by Anahi Castaneda, Café Soñe is more than a coffee brand; it’s a movement. They are on a mission to not only introduce the world to the exquisite flavors of Mexican coffee, but also to forge a hub where dreamers unite and flourish.


Casupo offers limited edition compact leather wallets and bags made with upcycled leather. Many factories in LA are left with excess leather and no use for them, and founder Luz Zambrano found a way to give all these leathers a new life.

Chicana Foods

Chicana Foods™ salsa macha is a surprising blend of rich, nutty, spicy flavor with the perfect touch of smoke. Founded by first-generation Mexican-American professional photographer Allison Corona and with the help of her family, the gourmet salsas are inspired by traditional family recipes used in Mexico for decades.

Chingona Inc.

Chingona Inc. is an unapologetic clothing brand designed to empower the Latinx community. Born in Mexico and raised in California, the clothing and accessories are designed by Latina graphic designer Viridiana Osio-Servin.

Cultura Campaign

Cultura Campaign, founded by artist Natalie Trinidad, is centered around the prosperity of Latino culture. Every sticker, earring, pin, and print tells a deeper story of Latinx culture – our food, icons, and relics. Latino culture is sacred and deserves to be celebrated!

Eva La Cúz

Eva La Cúz is a Boricua designer who launched a fashion line specializing in designing and creating custom pieces for children from newborns to eight years old. They provide top-quality handmade clothing for various occasions and everyday wear to celebrate important moments in a child’s life.

Gabriela Michele

Inspired by her childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer, founder Gabriela Garcia Olivo has created flattering luxury linen dresses for all sizes. She is on a mission to create high-quality clothing that is sustainable and ethically manufactured.


Jitana is a home décor brand specializing in on-trend designs founded by Denise Hernandez. Denise is inspired by the beauty the world has to offer and is continuously dedicated to finding new, one-of-a-kind pieces to introduce to her collection.


JZD is a lifestyle brand for Latina queens led by the wife duo Jen Serrano and Veronica Zeano. They specialize in Latina empowerment apparel and accessories that remind you that your ancestors are always cheering you on. Through their products, they aim to build community and celebrate cultura every day.

Paca Botánica

Paca Botánica is a deeply nourishing and deeply rooted skincare inspired by Mexico’s native flora and culture. Founded by Mexican-American Esthetician Sarah Miramontes, the collection of soap cubes is made in small batches with plant oils + butters, clays, essential oils, and solar-infused botanicals.

república skin

Born and inspired by the Dominican Republic – república skin was founded by Julissa Bermudez. She shares the rich heritage of sensually radiant skin with clean body care, inspired by nature. The formulas are made of natural ingredients while centering the founder’s Caribbean roots for the sweetest skin indulgence.


Sanara, founded by Rebekah Jensen, is plant-based skincare celebrating Indigenous Latin American botanicals created with those with skin sensitivities or conditions. Each product is crafted with careful consideration of its impact on both the planet and the overall well-being of our community.

SBJ Esntls

SBJ Esntls, founded by Jessica Monzalvo, is a self-care brand rooted in Latinx culture. Represented by the iconic butterfly, SBJ Esntls is here to help you through your transformative self-care journey. We believe that self-care is essential, so we’re bringing you just that– your self-care essentials, all in one place

Seis Cosmetics

Seis Cosmetics, founded by Suhay Gonzalez, seeks to empower women by offering high-quality, inclusive, and innovative lip care solutions. At the heart of Seis Cosmetics’ philosophy is a commitment to celebrating diversity and embracing the unique beauty of every individual.

Squiggs Ceramics

Squiggs Ceramics owner, Valerie Naiomi, is a queer Latina artist whose playful spirit is reflected in her handmade ceramic work. Her eye-catching work includes mugs, plates, bowls, planters, and Squiggs – multifunctional palettes that can be hung on your wall as home decor, for your jewelry, and used in the kitchen to hold sauces and seasonings.


Vavica is a clean, cruelty-free body care system of your dreams founded by three sisters Valentina, Victoria, and Camila Marmol. Rooted in rich Latin culture, committed to inclusivity, on a mission to celebrate every single shape, size, skin type & skin tone—one self-care moment at a time.

We can’t wait for you to experience each of these vendors’ unique products and stories in person at the #WeAllGrow Weekend Fest Latina Makers Market. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet – buy them here! To stay updated on other upcoming events, announcements, and more valuable content at #WeAllGrow, sign up for our email love.




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