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Your Mercury Retrograde How-To Guide for Entrepreneurs 


Mercury retrograde gets a bad rep in mainstream astrology, usually. If you’re dreading the thought of hearing that Mercury will retrograde once more before the year is over, we’re here to help debunk the Mercury RX hate. That’s right, we are ending the year with a fourth and final Mercury retrograde that will begin in the sign of Capricorn and go direct in the sign of Sagittarius on Jan. 1st of 2024. 

Besides, Mercury isn’t the only planet that retrogrades. Every planet aside from Earth, the Moon and our Sun undergo retrogrades. You’ve been living through Mercury retrogrades since your birth. Actually, some of you might even have been born during a Mercury retrograde transit. Check out your natal chart to confirm if you were. 

Expect to be more intentional during this transit as Mercury retrograde runs its course from Dec. 13th through Jan. 1st. Take your time and be very thorough, or else you’ll have to repeat some lessons. 

What is Mercury Retrograde?

The planet Mercury, retrogrades on average three to four times a year. In 2023, Mercury will have orbited four total RX transits. When Mercury retrogrades, it slows down from its usual speed of orbit. Appearing in the sky as an optical illusion to look as if the planet itself is moving backwards because of its slowed down movement. It’s not moving backwards in rotation, but it is energetically pulling you to possibly go backwards as it relates to Mercurial themes that must be finalized and not scrutinized. 

Every Mercury retrograde is an opportunity to go inward and self-assess. It’s particularly a period to reset, restart and release. Making it a wonderful moment for entrepreneurs, jefas, and leaders to revisit their strategy or pause to examine anything that’s been overlooked and left pending. 

Think of Mercury retrograde as a tool to help you reconnect with your why. Why are you thinking in such a manner? Why are you communicating in that capacity? Or Why do you feel the need to approach a situation from such a mindset, and is there a better way to get the message across? Mercury in astrology governs communication, thinking, travel and your belief system. Therefore making every single one of its annual retrogrades a reason to reflect and re-evaluate matters of confusion, miscommunication or ego blocks.

What Does Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius Mean?

Mercury moves signs every retrograde period. The upcoming retrograde will begin in the sign of Capricorn, but will spend its length in Sagittarius before it concludes its journey in said fire sign.

This adds the influence of Sagittarius’ spontaneous character into the mix of Mercury’s stoic and logical approach. Creating a duality of perspective and perception. You might feel all over the place because Mercury in Sagittarius is very ungrounded and unorganized. However, it’s a time to meditate on your goals, visualize and strengthen your intuition as part of your leadership abilities, and double down on emotional intelligence considering Sagittarius challenges Mercury’s rigidness to be more open minded and explorative. 

Center group exercises and socializing, especially if you’re a team leader or seeking inspiration to end the year on a high note. Sagittarius loves to network and finds stimulation birthed from curiosity while Mercury loves to engage, chatter and exchange ideas. May we add a side of caution for watching your words, because during this time, miscommunication issues can definitely be a common experience. It comes with the Mercury retrograde territory it seems.

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About the Author

Esoteric Esa (Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad)

Esoteric Esa is a writer, astrologer, tarot reader, and expert in the spiritual fields. Her work has been published in HipLatina, Mitú, PopSugar and Cosmopolitan as a contributing writer. Her work focuses on eliminating negative misconceptions around taboo subjects in Latinx Spirituality such as astrology, brujería, and decolonial work. She is the host of Better Work Bitch! podcast and creator of The Modern Spiritual Latina Oracle deck.

Twitter: @JGAlejandrez
Instagram: @esoteric_esa

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