Your 2023 Capricorn Horoscope


Capricorn Season has us riding the infamous Mercury in retrograde, but there’s good news! It’s clearing out stagnant energy for a fresh start to 2024.

Capricorn season, represented as the sea goat of astrology, runs December 21st through January 20th, giving you that nudge of excitement to aspire for your year ahead. It’s a cardinal sign that allows you to navigate with a balanced effort in both the material and spiritual realms of your reality. Arriving on the same day as Winter Solstice, during a time when much of society prioritizes gratitude practices, Capricorn season brings the gift of reflection for regenerative ambition. Don’t be surprised if you feel a compelling urge of wanting to attain recognition for your hard efforts – a notable trait Capricorn thrives off. It’s a zodiac season filled with the perfect combination of magic, motivation, and mental determination.

It’s a sign that governs the tenth house of the astrological wheel and is ruled by the planet Saturn. Collectively spotlighting authoritative institutions, careers, and patriarchal pillars we abide by. Try centering your rituals around adapting a healthy structure and routine that amplify your wellness mantras in both your personal and worldly ideologies. These are optimal ways of manifesting from this Capricornian energy. It’s the best time to begin, believe, and build the future you deserve.While Capricorn season resides amid a current Mercury retrograde, there’s good news! Amiga, there are two retrogrades going direct. This will help create fresh energy to conclude 2023 and carry you into el Ano Nuevo with heightened business acumen. The planet Jupiter will turn direct in the sign of Taurus on December 30th. In turn, activating financial blessings and new money moves for you. Before then, Chiron will turn direct in Aries creating an open mind. Especially if you’ve been stuck co-creating from a stubborn approach, resulting in frustrating stalemate scenarios. Expect these to potentially clear by the end of January.

The final full moon of the year, sitting in the sign of Cancer, asks you to connect with your community. Doing so will create some much needed support around this time of year. As the opposite sister sign of Capricorn, the Cancer energy of this full moon reminds you that you don’t have to do it all on your own. It’s okay to ask for help and explore your emotions, which is something the Cancer full moon inspires. Hyper-independence is a thing of the past and not in alignment with our motto of thriving with ease.

Let’s get into specifics. Read on for your personalized Capricorn season horoscope based on your sun and rising signs. Also, remember to tag us on social media with your hot take on your horoscope.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

The full moon brings endings in your career sector. You might feel the need to transition out of a profession or away from a corporate phase. Losses can be perceived as graduations. New karmic cycles begin by helping you realize the legacy you’re ready to rewrite. Family is a focal point for you this season. You might be pleasantly surprised to notice how much support is being extended to you at this time from immediate loved ones. Our recommendation this Cap season, have some fun sprucing up your home environment to get you back into productive mode. 

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

It’s time to expand your vision. Allow your creative self to take the lead in order to navigate what’s to come. This Capricorn season wants you to get serious about exploring curiosity through adventure. Your network of friends are going to provide you with a lot of comfort and practical advice over the next two weeks. This full moon says you must begin thinking of all the ways you are creating wealth in the world, not just for yourself or niche aspects. Think of the bigger picture and navigate purpose from a broader intention. On a more mundane level, for some, romance receives a revival while a particular friendship could enter a phase of termination.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Unlike your chatty self, this Capricorn season is sending you into a calm retreat. Capricorn’s energy could feel immensely heavy for you as an air sign. Making time to interact and socialize with others is a particular way you could feel grounded during this Earth sign season. The full moon in Cancer emphasizes the themes of motherhood, femininity, and self-care. Taking these areas of life and alchemizing them into a spiritual approach. Hidden traumas and unexplored triggers are driving motivators to gain a better sense of self. You could take up new therapy formats because of them. Spending time with the elderly might be nostalgic and healing for you during this time.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)​​​​

We’ve reached Capricorn season, which is your sister sign in astrology. You’re no stranger to Capricorn’s qualities of dedication and loyalty because you inhibit these, too. You’re in a mode of discernment as you assess where you’ve been maybe too loyal to your determinant and blindly dedicated. That means you’re shedding and releasing people, places, or things. Decluttering physically, symbolically, and literally are ways you’re feeling empowered. Tap into this energy and use your heightened sense of self-awareness with the full moon to explore a new direction in life. New chapters are on the horizon, and you can feel it coming. Time to take action.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

It’s all about money, self-esteem, and values this Capricorn season. Your uncovering hidden talents and brainstorming on how to fine tune skills and techniques for the greater good of your financial future. Equally, questioning buried falsities you convinced yourself to think are true. There’s a deep discomfort you’re being asked to no longer avoid. A discomfort around who and what has brought value to your life. How much of that has been transactional or stemming from vanity? It’s a moment in time best spent extending forgiveness towards yourself and others.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

You’re more of a stoic personality, but this Capricorn season has you communicating from a place of healthy confidence. Shocking many with your buzzing ideas and your charismatic aura. Virgos are the practical and logical planners of the zodiac. This full moon is inspiring you to go with the flow and be open to the mystery of life. Emotions are something you tend to intellectualize. It’s been a long time coming, Virgo. You’re presented with an opportunity to embrace and feel your emotions. Soon you will be entering an era of understanding their power to be yielded as intuitive markers and powerful divination tools to manifest from. Bravo!

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Things are looking stable on the career front. As a sign that needs constant stimulation, sometimes consistency can be confused for boredom. Although, Capricorn season is inspiring you to stay dedicated and loyal to professional matters. You have the determination at this time to tackle any hard challenges. Take on those dreadful tasks and see them from enthusiastic eyes. Recognition and reward await you as a byproduct of your hard work. This full moon might make you more emotional than usual. Dig into your emotional regulation techniques to get through this transit.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 22)

Love is on the brain, baby. Issues in a romantic connection reach climax with the Cancer full moon. This might lead to an ending of a love relationship for some. If you’re not concerned with love, this Capricorn season could make you more stubborn and fixated on an approach that just isn’t working. It’s time to be open to constructive criticism and tap into your network of resources to find a resolution. You don’t have to tackle big issues alone, Scorp. You might spend much of this month in nostalgia, revisiting your inner child. It’s a moment of giving your inner child permission to show up and play. This can help you release unwanted judgmental tendencies you place upon yourself.

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 22)​​​​

You’re on a task binge. There is a deep need to feel useful and valued for you with Capricorn season activating your 12th house of identity. Observe any frantic attempts of masking overworking as ways to determine your worth. Yes, you feel like you’re on a productive buzz and have the motivation on your side. However, take this season as an opportunity to understand your subconscious mind better. As a sign who enjoys going deep, this can be a fun philosophical exercise for you. And oh yeah, it’s time to clean up your nutrition if you know it’s been pending on your to-do list.

Capricorn (December 23 – January 22)

It’s your cumple, and we want to wish you a happy birthday, Cap! Much of your mind is dwelling on revisiting or terminating partnerships, and the way you’ve been collaborating with others. There’s a sense of yearning to close out the year by letting go of a significant relationship – or a few, that have now turned lackluster. This Capricorn season and Cancer full moon are redirecting you towards your intimate relationships. Everything from marriage to your relationship with yourself is up for review. You’re one of the most independent signs of the zodiac making you a go-getter. Instead, lean into receiving. Allow those around you to nurture you. Vulnerability looks good on you.

Aquarius (January 23 – February 22)

Changes in your finances are occurring for the better. Financial burdens or blockages will come to a closure providing a sense of security, emotionally. Hooray! This is a season of assessing and managing your emotional triggers as well. There’s a lot of wisdom awaiting you once you courageously explore the emotional depth within. The ancestors will be very active for you this time of year. Pay attention to their guidance if you’re ready to work with them as well. They will provide you with messages of synchronicity to help you on your path forward.

Pisces (February 23 – March 22)

Your worldview is shifting as you tap into newfound knowledge. This is a season of inquisitive minds and embracing the divine downloads you’re receiving. You’ll benefit from doubling down on your faith or spirituality at this time. You’re bringing new ideas into this world and to those around you. With that being said, some might try and contest what is misunderstood. Stand firm in what you believe and follow your moral compass to avoid defeat. Explore the philosopher within and allow yourself to create with inspiration.

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