How Journaling Can Transform Your Life


Put pen to paper and allow the power of journaling to unravel your heart and mind from your past experiences and pour into your dreams.

My journal has served me as my safe rinconcito since arriving in this country navigating life as undocumented immigrant, and daring to dream so wildly no one could limit me. After growing up close to my cousins, aunts, uncles, and my grandma in a small town in Mexicali, often referred to as “El Valle”, moving to Fresno, California, with only my parents and little sister, I often spent my days feeling so lost, afraid, and lonely. My life had transformed, and I needed a way to process it. I remember my first day of school feeling like an alien from outer space. I couldn’t understand anything, and I felt like everyone was laughing at me. I went home walking and held my tears until no one was around. Journaling was my companion through it all, helping me feel grounded, supported, and safe as I continued to pave a new path for myself and my family.

For as long as I’ve known, I always carried a pen and a journal (or two) with me wherever I went. Writing poetry of my experience as an undocumented first-generation college student gave me a sense of belonging and meaning. During my college years, I learned that my journals were a space in which I could undress from the labels, expectations, and limitations society had placed on me. I had a space to be myself; this made me feel safe, supported, and encouraged to tap into my creativity to share who I am without shame or guilt.

Documenting your story gives you the power to own it! Embracing your experiences empowers you to show up as your authentic self and take on the challenges needed to accomplish your goals. When you show up in your fullness, you allow yourself to confidently step into your purpose. When I started sharing my story, my poetry, and my journaling with others, it opened doors for me to work with other women who, like me, had similar experiences, perform my poetry in front of hundreds of people, and create journaling circles for women to heal, commune, and grow collectively. Journaling and manifestation go hand in hand. Last month, I manifested this collaboration with #WeAllGrow by writing it down in my journal. Having your goals written down lets your brain know what actions you need to take to make them a reality.

You can use journaling to write down what’s on your mind to clear your thoughts and release what is no longer serving you. Journaling your thoughts and ideas organizes your brain by dumping out what isn’t needed and focusing on what matters to you. Sitting with your emotions and negative thoughts as you journal them will support your healing journey and provide you with more ease and calm in your life.

Carve out time to journal and watch creativity bloom in your life. If you want a little encouragement to embark on the journaling journey, I’ve shared five tips with you below.

5 Tips to Embark On Your Journaling Journey

There is no right way

Journaling is personal and it looks different for all. There is no right way to do it, but the way that feels more natural and comfortable to you. Let your words and ideas flow freely.  You can start right now with the following prompt straight from Amigas Circle Conversation Cards. “How is your heart doing today?”

Let go of judgment

Oftentimes we do not allow ourselves to journal about what we are feeling or experiencing in the moment because we are too scared of the emotions that it might bring up. Allow yourself to express your emotions fully. This can be a powerful space to feel and sit with your emotions as well as release them.

Make it part of your routine

Make journaling a habit, add it to your schedule. I personally always start my mornings with journaling. I like to start checking in with myself and writing about how I feel, three things I’m grateful for, and setting an intention for my day.

Set your environment

 It’s  important to keep a pen and notebook near you at all times. I like to keep one next to my bed and another one in my purse to journal away any time I feel called to write down my thoughts. Having a safe and comfortable space to journal can inspire you to continue journaling. I like to journal while drinking my favorite tea or cafecito along with lighting a candle to set the tone as I journal away.

Find your community

You do not have to do journaling alone. Sharing your thoughts, ideas, and experiences with others can support your healing and growth journey. Joining others who are passionate about journaling can inspire and support you with tools and practices that improve your journaling practice.

You’re invited to join the Amigas Healing Through Journaling Circle where we discover the power of journaling in community. Whether you are a journaling veteran or new to pouring your heart on to the page, the Amigas Circle is a safe and powerful space to explore this practice.

About the Author

Kenia Del Viento

Kenia is dedicated to empower women of color by connecting and exploring who they are and what they want. She creates a safe and intentional space to reflect and expand through the power of coaching, journaling, and poetry to become the best version of themselves, break barriers, and show up authentically. Her background in human development and bilingual education has given her the tools to understand that we are all connected to each other, our environment, and that our body, mind, and spirit work as one. This empowers Kenia to understand and serve her clients with integrity and love.




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