10 Small Businesses to Shop From for the Foodies in Your Life


So you’re looking to add some spice to your small business holiday shopping list for the ones that have made it on your nice list. Not only have they added some spice to your life, but they love a little sazón and appreciate good food – the comelones and foodies que nunca desprecian un plato that either you made or bought for them with love.

For each of your taste buds, our directory has something for them and their taste buds. From sazón kids, to salda, to something for the one that loves some good chocolate, check out the small businesses you can shop from to give something special to your amiges!

Cru Chocolates

Cru makes chocolate with direct and ethical sourced Cacao from Central American farmers, ranging from Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Cru Chocolate’s mission includes a focus on assisting people at origin in creating and growing their own business by providing education and facilitating small scale equipment.


Pisqueya [pees-keh-yah] is a celebration of Latin culture and a contribution to my family legacy. The line of all-natural, high quality food products, is inspired by the gap in Dominican representation, within the global food market. More than that, Pisqueya is a taste of home. Pisqueya is how I wish to inspire others to gather, laugh, break bread and create memories.

The Pinole Project

The Pinole Project makes Pinole Chia Oatmeal by combining high protein & fiber chia seeds, heirloom corn and cinnamon with gluten-free oats for the ultimate breakfast upgrade. The Pinole Project is a Mexican-American Food Company. Their abuela Adela was a mighty woma who would always say, “Pinole will make you strong.” She was inspired by the Tarahumara of Northern Mexico who eat Pinole to fuel long distance runs, and she would add Pinole to many of her recipes, including oatmeal. Pinole is an Aztec Superfood made of high protein and fiber chia seeds and non-gmo heirloom corn. Their Pinole is grown on the independent, sustainable farms of Oaxaca, Mexico.


SALSAOLOGY is a line of award winning, all natural Mexican sauces for the modern home cook. SALSAOLOGY is a woman-led business based in Los Angeles, California – but born in vibrant Mexican kitchens. They’re dedicated to sourcing the best ingredients we can find to help bring families together and share Mexican culture through authentic and inventive flavors.

Todo Verde

Todo Verde is a woman of color owned plant-based Mexican food business that provides healthy and delicious plant-based culturally relevant dishes to the East Los Angeles community and beyond. Their team is committed to advancing food equity in their neighborhoods, and are working to create lifestyle shifts in healthy eating and self care.

Aisle Mine

Aisle Mine is a cooking platform aimed to highlight cuisines that have been historically marginalized by white western culture. They offer a way to engage with your employees and/or clients on demand, remote, and with food. Their experience offers a solution which brings people together in a safe and inclusive environment.

Toast It

Based in Miami, Florida, TOAST-IT makes delicious, versatile, convenient AREPAS that are ready-to-eat in less than 5 minutes. All of the brand’s products are gluten free, vegan and made without added sugars nor preservatives. The founders, sisters, latinas, born in Venezuela, are passionate about sharing their home countries’ culture, while advocating for a healthy lifestyle.

Master Pow’s Co.

Master Pow’s Co. is a family-owned and operated hot chili pepper company that launched with its first collection of hot pepper sauce products, inspired by the culture, music, and people of Trinidad and Tobago. Their hot pepper sauces have been shared in the Lee Pow, their family, for three generations. Their sauces take a traditional approach of a hot pepper sauce but with a healthier twist.

Casa Q

CasaQ is a San Jose-based, Hispanic lifestyle company, dedicated to providing unique products, services and content geared toward people who embrace the Latino culture. CasaQ was founded in 2005 by Darlene Tenes, a professional event planner. For over a decade Ms. Tenes is renown for planning festive and creative Hispanic events, which incorporate the traditions and customs of Spain, Mexico and Latin America.

Exquisito Chocolates

Exquisito Chocolates believes in honoring the natural flavor of the beans and maintaining close ties with the farmers who work hard to produce them. They make bean-to-bar chocolates using only the highest quality ethically sourced beans. Cheap chocolate is filled with oils and chemicals, but not at Exquisito, where everything in their shop is made by hand.

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