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Estefania Lacayo Is Making an Impact on the Runway & Around the World


Estefania Lacayo has cultivated a community of Latin American entrepreneurs, designers, and creatives with the mission of elevating and enriching the Latin American fashion and design industries.

When you think of all the fashion weeks, we usually think of all the European and American brands that often find inspiration from Latin American culture yet never really spotlight the Latin American designers and creatives that are also making waves in the fashion world. That’s when Estefania Lacayo set out to co-found the Latin American Fashion Summit (LAFS) and TRIBU by LAFS, two platforms with the mission of elevating and enriching the Latin American fashion and design industries, giving creatives and designers the tools and network to make their mark in the industry and get more opportunities than ever.

Born in Managua, Nicaragua, this Miami local has taken her experience from her 20-year career (part of which includes work with Forbes, Harper’s Bazaar, Goop, CFDA, and Vera Wang) to cultivate a community of Latina American entrepreneurs, designers, and creatives in response to their eagerness to network and expand their businesses. But fashion isn’t her full focus; in the same way that she advocates for aspiring fashion professionals, she also advocates for victims of human trafficking, poverty, and violence as a committee member for Glasswing International and the Freedom Council. Estefania is a mujer that isn’t just making an impact for Latin Americans in the fashion industry; she has tapped into her resources, experience, and privilege to make an impact around the world for those in need.

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How do you define being a Latina of Impact?:

My definition of being a Latina creating impact is using your platform— be it fashion, culture, sports, politics, whatever it may be—to help other Latinas get to where I am and even way ahead of where I am. It’s using your heritage, privilege, experience, and contacts to serve other Latinas. A Latina of impact is a constant source of empowerment, help, support, and guidance to others. 

How does your WHY play a role in your mission, vision, and work that you do?:

My WHY can be defined as creating community—it is almost an obsession. The notion of community permeates every single layer of my projects, LAFS and TRIBU, whose vision and mission is to unify and empower the Latin American fashion, design, and beauty industry in a way that makes us an unstoppable force around the world and a community that is simply impossible to ignore. 

What is your vision for Latinas in your respective space, and how do you see supporting emerging Latinas who also want to make an impact like yourself?:

My vision is for them to get the recognition, visibility, and opportunities they deserve.

From my position, I believe that the most fruitful way to support emerging Latinas is to provide them with transformative educational tools, a powerful network of leaders and like-minded women, and the course-altering opportunities we all deserve.

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