5 Reasons to Attend #WeAllGrow Weekend Fest


#WeAllGrow Latina is bringing you a brand-new experience called #WeAllGrow Weekend Fest – combining two of our most acclaimed one-day events (Las Founders and Wellness Day) under one epic weekend for you to thrive with ease and connect with your innermost self.

As a community, we believe that striving towards our dream life doesn’t need to lead to burn out. Let’s break out of survival mode and into thriving mode because the truth is – success doesn’t look the same for everyone. In fact, the path to success looks different for everyone as well. We believe that deepening your connection to your inner compass is what activates authentic growth.

To continue cultivating and honoring your seasons of growth, amiga, we’ve created our inaugural Weekend Fest for October 21 & 22 at Hotel Maya, found along the beautiful shore of Long Beach, CA. Our commitment is to always offer you innovative, unique, and unforgettable experiential opportunities. So, here are the 5 reasons why you should attend!

1. Connect with a community of jefas that are ready to grow with you.

2. Be inspired and walk away with tangible tips from successful Latina and Latine entrepreneurs and wellness leaders who are eager to share their learnings and experiences with you. 

3. Get clarity on how to elevate your vision, goals, entrepreneurial spirit, business and your mindset.

4. Immerse yourself in an environment of growth and community as you take in the beautiful views of Long Beach, as we return to Hotel Maya, a venue we know and love!

5. Heal in community and experience transformative shifts that will create ripple effects in all the aspects of your life. 

If you’re curious of what to expect from Las Founders & Wellness Day, check out our recaps from Las Founder 2022 and Wellness Day 2018 in Hotel Maya!

Tickets go on sale April 25th for Amigahood™ members at a 22% discount, so make sure to become a member today. Join here, it’s easy and free!  We always sell out our events, so mark your calendars for the Amigahood Trust Sale and lock in your spot for the #WeAllGrow event of the year!

Amiga, join us to collectively manifest limitless possibilities and abundance juntas. We can’t wait to see you there! If you have any further questions, read our Weekend Fest FAQ and explore details here.




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