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Libra Season is blessing us with eclipse season, so buckle up for divine justice and relationship dynamics coming to the light. While eclipse season is known for its unpredictability, our amiga Jasmin (Esoteric Esa) Alejandrez-Prasad has your horoscope to anchor into the season’s transformation.

Commonly known as the zodiac sign that governs romance and all things colored pink, Libra isn’t just sugar and spice. Libra season takes center stage from Sept. 23rd through Oct. 22nd. 

Tapping into Libra season from an empowered place requires balance. That’s why the karmic scales of justice represent this sign. Libra is a zodiac energy that brings karmic balance into the world. As you self-reflect throughout the zodiac season, journey with observing what karma you’ve been accruing. Karma isn’t all negative. It’s the law of cause and effect, and you are the magician, mija. Karma can be prosperous as well. 

Libra passionately advocates for justice and doesn’t settle well with power struggles. Dedicate time to honor all the ways you’ve advocated for your higher self this year. Honor your journey this Libra season by expressing self-love and pouring back into your cup. Equally, it’s the best time to collaborate, network, and be in community. Libra season might amp up your social battery, since it’s an air sign in astrology. Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) are definitely not shy and are far from being wall flowers. Go on amiga – allow yourself to stand out from the crowd, and show off your talents this time of year.

“Tapping into Libra season from an empowered place requires balance. That’s why the karmic scales of justice represent this sign. Libra is a zodiac energy that brings karmic balance into the world.”

This season can highlight areas of power struggles in your relationships. Not just romantic relationships, but interpersonal dynamics too. Stagnant or broken connections might not survive in 2023 once Libra season inspires you to hit the refresh button on what matters. Letting go is something Libra season’s energy isn’t stereotypically known for. Therefore, observing how you prioritize your sacred relationship with yourself is a great way to explore growth during this season.

There will be an integral Libra Solar Eclipse happening on Oct. 14th for you to use as a portal to navigate powerful new beginnings. It’s recommended in astrology and brujería not to perform rituals or manifestation techniques on eclipses, as they are unpredictable lunar cycles. What you can do instead is spend the week of the Solar Eclipse, and especially the day of, embodying a gratitude practice and being observant of your mindset. Trust that new opportunities are being ushered in for you. Your transformations will manifest now through April of 2024.

Let’s get into specifics. Read on for your Libra season horoscope for your sun sign and rising sign. Also, remember to tag us on social media with your hot take on your Libra season horoscope. 

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