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What 2024 Has In Store for Your Zodiac Sign


Although the astrological New Year does not technically begin until March’s Spring Equinox, it’s time to celebrate the Western world’s Gregorian start of 2024. And to that, we wish you a Feliz Año Nuevo, amiga!

The beginning of January assisted the collective with a final goodbye and good riddance to close out all the lessons learned brought on by Pluto in Capricorn’s historic transit that’s been slowly unraveling outdated paradigms since 2008. By January 20, Pluto assigned Aquarius as its new celestial home, until 2044. Here’s how you can work with this transit: imprint ways you can radically trust your authentic self. Aquarius is the sign of innovation and intuition. This is a year to lean into new ways to self-express your unique ideas while thinking outside of the box.

Jupiter will be in Gemini this year, and we have our eyes on this transit with lots of enthusiasm. What you need to know about this: Jupiter brings expansion along with newfound knowledge – while in Gemini, it offers you the opportunity to create magia through your throat chakra, digital media and writing endeavors. It’s time to launch that social media strategy, build an email list and invest in some quality copywriting. These are all themes of Jupiter in Gemini in 2024.

Mark your calendars for three Mercury retrogrades this year. The first occurring in the sign of Aries introduced to us on April 1 will boost the mantra of self-care by inspiring you to center your needs first. Giving us a break from the intensity of fire sign Aries, the second Mercury retrograde on August 5 is providing a grounded and methodical energy thanks to its rotation in Virgo. You’ll likely be focused on your health during Mercury retrograde in Virgo and finding ways to organize your work-life balance better. The final Mercury retrograde on November 25 in the sign of Sagittarius will be an optimal time to break free of social norms and embrace opportunities you once dreamed of, which are within grasp of your reality.

Here’s what the stars have to say. Read on for your rising and sun sign’s 2024 astrological zodiac horoscope to get in on the planetary party.

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About the Author

Esoteric Esa (Jasmin Alejandrez-Prasad)

Esoteric Esa is a writer, astrologer, tarot reader, and expert in the spiritual fields. Her work has been published in HipLatina, Mitú, PopSugar and Cosmopolitan as a contributing writer. Her work focuses on eliminating negative misconceptions around taboo subjects in Latinx Spirituality such as astrology, brujería, and decolonial work. She is the host of Better Work Bitch! podcast and creator of The Modern Spiritual Latina Oracle deck.

Twitter: @JGAlejandrez
Instagram: @esoteric_esa

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