Pushing Past Fear


A Series On Uncovering How Fear Manifests In Your Life – #1

Fear is a powerful tool that is most often known for blocking us from doing the things we desire. Yet, we are discovering through stories of incredible Latines that fear can also be used as fuel, supporting them in achieving all of the things they’ve dreamed of.

We all have different ways in which fear manifests itself, preventing us from reaching our greatest potential. Fear takes form in the ways you allow, and in this series, we’re uncovering stories from our community, exploring the various ways fear has manifested in their lives and how they’re pushing past fear and moving forward.

Every month, we’ll pose the question, “What Has It Cost You When You’ve Let Fear Win?” and get a glimpse into how this 4-letter word can have a great impact (both good and bad) in their lives. We hope that through this series you find solace in knowing that fear is an emotion we merely give too much power to and remove the barriers that are holding you back from being that b*tch.

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What Has It Cost You When You’ve Let Fear Win?

Moments of Joy

Fear won during my childhood and early adult life before I understood how to recognize it and allow it to be an invitation, not a dead end. I was a quiet girl because I was always scared of being judged, not fitting in, saying and doing the wrong things, and getting hurt by others. It cost me so many moments of joy and connection with people that I wouldn’t allow myself to get close to. It cost me the memory of experiences and the smothering of my curiosity.

Now I’ve learned to just let fear to sit next to me and show me where I need to show up with courage.

Ana Flores, (She/Her) Co-CEO & Founder, #WeAllGrow Latina

Staying In My Comfort Zone

Situations where I stayed in my comfort zone and let fear win have cost me my growth. Growth never happens in your comfort zone. When I was younger, there were times where I sacrificed my growth and success to stay in a place that was known versus venturing into the unknown, whether that was not going for an opportunity in soccer because I was afraid to fail or even once in track I made it to the state final and saw the other girls looked much “better” than me and was afraid to lose and I sat out (I still can’t believe I did that just because I was scared to fail). The cost of letting fear win is bigger than that thing you’re scared of. You gain confidence through courage and doing things that feel scary.

Since then, I have never been afraid of the “risk” and instead go for it because I know on the other side of that is either success, learnings, or growth.

Jessica Hart, (She/Her), Marketing Coordinator, #WeAllGrow Latina

Lost Opportunities

Fear has cost me not taking those big steps when I felt I had to, not leaving my old life behind to start a new one that could be even better. It made me lose opportunities of joy, of doing what my heart told me it was going to make me happy at that moment; all for the fear of losing things that I care about and being afraid of what is to come, but also being afraid of what my family or friends would say or think about me, and my decisions. A big part in trying to overcome a fear, for me, is doing my best in recognizing and accepting what I’m feeling. Prepare as much as possible, think on all the possible scenarios or the ones that are more scary, and try to prepare for them, thinking in the good things that will happen if you take that step rather than thinking what could go wrong is what helps me the most to overcome fears.

Big changes are hard and scary but they are good if you feel they’re meant to happen.

Andy González, (She/Her), Designer, #WeAllGrow Latina

Amiga, take the next step even if it’s scary. Many times our auto-response is driven by our subconscious which wants to protect us, and that is when you need to train the algorithm of your thoughts to push past the fear, because that feeling in your heart is there for a reason. We have also found that voicing your fears out loud, helps in recognizing to yourself that you can achieve both what you desire and even the unimaginable. You got this and we’re cheering you on every step you take!

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About the Author

Vanessa Santos is a product, branding, and strategy executive who has delivered award-winning digital solutions to startup and Fortune 500 companies. As the Co-CEO & Partner of #WeAllGrow Latina, she is passionate about speaking on gender equality and guiding women to build socio and economic power. Connect with Vanessa on Instagram @vanessasantosfein.




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