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Supporting Latina Entrepreneurs in Partnership with Capital One Business


Starting a business is a deep process of self-discovery that leads you to stretch in ways unimaginable— still, nothing is as enlivening as anchoring into your purpose and watching your visions come to life. Here at #WeAllGrow, we truly value the courage it takes to commit to your vision, so we partnered with Capital One to support Latina entrepreneurs going after their dreams by building and scaling businesses.

Last month we invited Latina entrepreneurs based in Texas and Arizona to share their business pitch on video for a chance to win one of six grants sponsored by Capital One Business. We received incredibly inspiring videos showcasing our community’s passion, vision, and resilience, so it wasn’t easy to select three per city. However, we are so excited to announce the official winners of the Amigas in Business Pitch Competition. We cannot wait to watch their businesses continue to soar!

Texas Winners!

1st Place: Cadena Collective

Cadena Collective – Cadena is a love letter to our bicultural experience as two first-generation Mexican American women. We’re on a mission to elevate the voices and stories of artisans and brands that maintain artisanal techniques alive and to promote storytelling and quality via slow fashion. All while empowering consumers to make conscious purchasing decisions.

“To us, Cadena is more than a marketplace. What began as a small project to help a friend has quickly turned into a love letter to our bicultural experience. Our experience as Latinas is nuanced, and in Cadena, many have found a sense of community and felt seen in a new way.”

– Alejandra Aguirre and Mabel Aguirre, Founders & Co-CEOs of Cadena Collective 

2nd Place: The Social Chica

The Social Chica – The Social Chica’s mission is to empower, inspire, and provide a community for minority women looking to grow professionally and personally. We are a voice and resource for young Latinas, encouraging them to become the highest and best version of themselves.

“ It took me a while to figure out what that meant when someone told me to ‘create your own opportunity.’ That’s when I decided I wanted to create a community where all Latinas feel comfortable and can create their own opportunity.”

– Brianna Gonzales, Founder & CEO of The Social Chica

3rd Place: Sanara

Sanara – Sanara is plant-based skincare celebrating Indigenous Latin American botanicals created with those with skin sensitivities or conditions. Each of my products is crafted with careful consideration of their impact on both the planet and the overall well-being of our community. Sanara restores more than just your skin; it restores your soul.

“Sanara was created to bring inclusivity and diversity to the industry by challenging my modern-day beauty and wellness norms. We diversify the industry by celebrating Indigenous Latin American botanicals, helping fuel the economic local and Latin American agricultural families and lands at fair trade value.”

Rebekah Jensen, Founder & CEO of Sanara

Arizona Winners!

1st Place: True Athletics

True Athletics True Athletics is a women-owned and led martial arts facility in the heart of downtown Phoenix, dedicated to empowering the mind and strengthening the body of their members.

“The skillset that we teach our members will live on through other areas of their life. Things like teaching them how to be disciplined as children and adults. Things like having respect, not just for other people but for yourself.” 

– Jenny Quezada, Founder & CEO of True Athletics

2nd Place: Karla and Co.

Karla and Co. Karla and Co. was created in 2017 to give Latinas a way to express their unique culture in a fun and authentic way. Karla’s mission is to create high-quality clothing at a price point anyone can afford. Karla strives to bring presentation through a positive lens that allows YOU to celebrate your culture!

“When we started Karla & Co., there was no brand that celebrated our cultura and roots with pride and joy. We are so proud of our brand and who it represents – us Latinos!”

– Karla Butvidas,  Founder & CEO of Karla & Co.

3rd Place: Manifest House

Manifest HouseManifest House’s mission is to help women and femmes unapologetically care for all aspects of themselves. While plenty of online wellness studios exist, few offer a true sense of community and access to multiple healing modalities at an affordable price point.

“I am creating what I wish I had when I was first starting on my healing journey. As I began to explore holistic healing modalities, I didn’t see people like me in these studios, and that was really what sparked me to start Manifest House.”

-Angelee Andorfer-Lopez, Founder & CEO of Manifest House

Once again, a big congratulations to these amazing founders and their courage to participate in the Amigas in Business Pitch Competition. 

We’re bringing our Amigas in Business Bootcamps to Texas and Arizona! If you want to be the first to know about these upcoming events, join our online Amigahood community for all the juicy details.




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