Lucia Gutierrez

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Lucia Gutierrez, a Mexican indigenous engineer, was born and raised within the Purhepecha empire, worked within the local government for 8 years, moving recently to Cleveland.
Lucia has been a directly affected by the movements of cultural appropriation and ancestral claims happening in first world countries. This motivated her to start her own business called Echeri International, providing a direct source of ancestral knowledge and practices, focusing on their right uses, history and actual conditions.
Echeri is a place where the voices and knowledge of the artisans, indigenous teachers, healers and innate masters are heard and supported, socially and economically.
She has a degree in environmental biochemical engineering, minors in permaculture and social studies, her history is one of great power, resilience, evolution and a call to our soul to recognize that our ancestors are still here, ready to have a place in this world with dignity and honor.

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