4 Thought-Provoking Questions To Ask Your Friends Instead Of “How Are You?”


It’s pretty easy to cry when we’re feeling upset or if we’re experiencing an influx of love or joy — tears are the emotion that can’t be kept in. And with so much happening around the world, it’s extra easy to feel overwhelmed right now. Asking a question like this acknowledges that we’re all feeling something and it gives your friend the space to express their emotions without feeling bad about it.

How Is Your Soul?

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There are certain things that affect us on a very deep level, and while our bodies might be okay, our souls may have taken a beating recently! Asking about your friend’s soul or heart will let them talk about how the details and nuances of their emotions. This is a great question for people who feel things deeply, even if it’s not exclusive to them.

There’s A Lot Going On In The World, How Are You Handling Everything?

It’s okay if you’re not handling things well, and right off the bat, this question will let your friend know that it’s okay if they’re overwhelmed. Since everyone handles things differently, this is also a good way to check up on someone without making assumptions about how they’re feeling.

You’ve Seemed A Little Off Lately, Is Everything Okay?

We’ve all changed in the last two and a half years, but if you’ve picked up that your friend seems extra sad recently, you can ask them what’s going on. It’ll show that you’re attentive and allow them to talk about something they’re dealing with if they don’t feel comfortable bringing it up.

What’s Something That Impacted You Last Week?

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The great thing about a question like this is that it lets your friend decide whether they want to talk about, something difficult or positive. Or both!

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