Amigahood Elevate is a heart-centered membership space consciously cultivating the legacy of trailblazing Latinas through a nurturing blend of personal wellness and business growth. 

Elevate is not just another business community; it’s a sisterhood of Latina legends with an entrepreneurial spirit who are committed and on a mission to succeed without compromising their well-being. Learn more here!

As an Amigahood member, you already know the magic of sisterhood. Elevate is the Amigahood paid membership tier where you will receive conscious programming that’s focused on holistic growth, soulful mentorship, and elevated connections. This is our elevated commitment for you to invest in your biggest dreams confidently. 

By elevating with us, you will receive:

  • Weekly transformative virtual sessions
  • Access to Latina legends and a peek behind the growth of their empires
  • Intimate containers for vulnerability, accountability, and support
  • A barter services market where you can trade talents instead of dollars
  • An elevated member directory of game-changing founders to help you uplevel your business
  • ¡Y mucho más! 

Take your Amigahood member experience to new heights with Elevate!

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*A three-month, non-refundable minimum monthly commitment is required to join Elevate so that you can enjoy the full breadth of the community experience.

🌟Save by joining annually and get 16% off. It’s a $105 savings over single-month payments. You will be getting almost 2 months free!


🌟A safe, nourishing space for personal and professional growth

🌟 Specialized circles to exchange services and connect with like-minded creators 

🌟 Curated weekly programming to support your holistic growth across business and life 

🌟 Astrology and energy forecasts: Aligning your path with the cosmos for optimal flow.

🌟 Intimate founder roundtables sharing behind-the-scenes lessons on building their ventures 

🌟 Expert-led healing sessions to ground and nurture your wellbeing

🌟 Integration Office Hours: Co-CEO-led monthly sessions discussing key lessons and content implementation

🌟 First access and discounts to ticketed IRL events and special offers from our workshop speakers – Elevate members will know it all first!

🌟 Exclusive access to our annual Elevate Founders Retreat for members only

¡Claro que sí! You can join our community of rising mujeres at any point to access its exclusive programming and elevated connections all year round. However, there’s no better time than today to elevate your path, Amiga! 

So, while the door to ascending together opens year-round, now is the time to cement your place amongst trailblazers who are committed and will benefit from the perks of joining during this fantastic offer. 


Of course. Amigas from all over the world are welcome to join! Elevate is an intimate membership container where, no matter where you are located, you’ll get to connect with Amigas walking in your shoes. Through our virtual circles, we will show up in alignment and honor our vision to thrive with ease and create a paradigm shift, juntas!

Welcome to Elevate – Join us here!

The doors to Elevate open on April 1, 2024. Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome email with additional details that will guide you on how to unlock access to all the exclusive Elevate membership perks on April 1st. After you enter Elevate, you’ll be among the first influence-makers and change creators committed to uplifting Latinas, breaking cycles and building legacies. In Elevate, we will…

✨ Shift Mindsets

✨ Increase Profits

✨ Nurture Connections

✨ Expand Growth Edges

✨ Take Conscious Action

✨ Honor Our Vision

✨ Show up in Alignment

✨ Create a Paradigm Shift

✨ Thrive With Ease

I’m ready to elevate!

Amigahood is a community created by Latinas for all. At this time the Amigahood Elevate programming is designed with ambitious Latinas in mind. From the very structure of our intimate circles, conscious workshops, and mentor guidance to the culturally relevant content explored within, our offerings are specially crafted to resonate with and propel forward Latinas.

That said, at #WeAllGrow, we celebrate cross-cultural bonds and inspiration that promote elevating one another across all backgrounds. Our offerings hold resonance for any changemaker seeking to intertwine lofty aspirations with grounded well-being. If you want to navigate success without compromising self-care and spirit—you have found the right sisterhood.

All who seek to elevate are home. Join us!

Hermana, we know our brilliant members live full lives across time zones and on various schedules. That’s why our weekly Elevate workshops allow flexibility to nurture your growth around your timeline.

Can’t make a session? No worries—we safeguard replays, except for the Integration Office Hours, in our exclusive member portal so you can soak up the wisdom when it flows best for you. Consider it on-demand fuel to balance your inbound inspiration with inner work in motion. 

Past workshops and events get housed in our vault to unlock at your pace. So take a breath, knowing you can catch up on the elevation during that post-meeting window or late-night scroll! We simply can’t wait for each session to elevate your gifts further. But first, self-care. We’ll be right here holding space when you’re ready!

I live for flexibility. Let’s get started!

Once you join Elevate, peek inside our exclusive member circle to discover all upcoming events and workshops. You will be able to RSVP with ease and schedule sessions ahead of time so you can fully immerse yourself in each wisdom download of the conscious programming we have prepared for you. 

Can’t wait! I am in!

Yes! When you join Elevate, 3% of your membership donation goes towards uplifting women through MAIA Impact and AfroResistance. These are two nonprofit organizations central to #WeAllGrow’s mission of elevating the voices and stories of Latinas via the power of community.

Feel good knowing that while you cultivate personal and professional growth within Elevate, our partnership with MAIA and AfroResistance multiplies your impact exponentially, creating a ripple effect of empowerment across communities.

Let’s elevate together!

After your 3-month, non-refundable membership period, you can cancel your membership. All full-year memberships are final sale and no exceptions can be made.

After your initial 3-month commitment, if you join via the monthly payment membership, you will be charged every month.

As an Elevate member, you gain exclusive access to a range of benefits designed to enhance your experience.

However, we want to be clear about our no-refund membership policy. Once your payment is processed and your membership begins (monthly or yearly), we are unable to offer refunds. You may cancel at any time, and your membership will remain active for the duration of the term you paid for.

This policy is in place due to the immediate access you receive to our premium content and exclusive member benefits upon purchase.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at


A haven where Latinas with an entrepreneurial spirit thrive with ease.