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A virtual gathering centered around renewing the love for our skin by starting from within.

We, Latinas, come in all skin colors, shapes, sizes, ethnicities, origins, and more. Cada una de nosotras goes on a unique journey, lived by our skin. We see it, touch it, and live in it every day. Yet, with every new experience, we change, adapt, renew, and so does our skin.

#WeAllGrow in partnership with Dove, invite you to

a 60-minute virtual experience for Latinas to have a conversation around renewing the love for our skin by starting from within.

A time to connect, renew and be gentle with ourselves and the skin we live in.

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Meet Our Guests

CEO + Founder

Board Certified

Holistic Psychologist
and Meditation Expert

Ana Flores

CEO + Founder

The conversation will touch on:


How our guests have balanced work and self-care during these unprecedented times, and how they continue to push even through adversity.

Skin-care journey

How our skin has evolved, and been impacted over the past year (e.g. maskne, dry skin, stress breakouts, etc.), along with key solutions that provide soothing care for sensitive skin sufferers this summer.


A brief and powerful moment with Dr. Mariel Buqueě, Holistic Psychologist and Meditation Expert, to understand the power of fragrance and aromas and how to use them effectively in our lives. Let’s experience the power of smell to connect with our memories and emotions to create a sense of personal and cultural identity.

Dove skincare expert + Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Alicia Barbasits down with Beautyblender CEO + Founder Rea Ann Silva to learn about her inspiring story of growing and evolving an iconic beauty brand. Together they explore how these Latina entrepreneurs have nurtured their own renewal + self-care journey.

Have pressing skincare questions? Join the virtual stage with Rea Ann Silva, and Dr. Alicia Barba for key tips on conquering any sensitive skin issues you may be facing right now, and hear top skincare advice on achieving healthy, radiant skin all year long.

More than ever, the unprecedented changes happening in our lives come along with a constant renewal process and a new opportunity to go deeper within to listen and be gentle with ourselves and the skin we live in.

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