Your 2023 Aries Season Horoscope Is Here


Aries season is here, and with it, we welcome the Astrological new year and a beautiful new moon in Aries, marking a time for new beginnings and fresh starts to leap you into the state of abundance you deserve. Our amiga Esoteric Esa has your horoscope to start you off this season, and shows you how to set the right mindset for the new year!

Happy New Year, amiga! Wondering why we’re wishing you a prosperous New Year in the middle of March and April? According to Western Tropical Placidus astrology, the arrival of Aries season marks the official start of the calendar year. That’s because Western astrology aligns with the equinoxes. The March 20th Spring Equinox marks both the beginning of Aries season (the first zodiac sign to greet us in sequential order of all twelve signs), and the start of the New Year based on the Sun’s trajectory of constellations. Making Aries season a prime portal of fertility and opportunity. 

Let’s say you’re not an Aries zodiac sign. Are you wondering if Aries season still influences you? The answer: absolutely. Zodiac seasons can affect you energetically. Also, each zodiac season connects to your birth natal chart regardless if you have planets in that zodiac sign or not. Think of all 12 zodiac seasons as their own unique mini vision board. You can tailor your intentions according to their individual archetype energy brought available to you during their resident months. 

You can use Aries season as a manifestation kickstarter. Meaning, this is the perfect time to revisit your rituals and reassess daily practices that you can amplify as you maneuver your way toward your goals for 2023. Aries is a fire sign and encourages movement forward. You might feel inspired to be impulsive during this season. Endurance is a long game Aries lacks at times. Balance this Aries season with short-term goals that can set you up for long-term success. 

The Aries new moon on March 21st is a gateway for you to resurrect and redeem any lack of performance on your end. As the late great singer Aaliyah said: “If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.” This new moon wants you to ask for what you deserve and go after what you desire. ¡Dale!

Read on for your Zodiac horoscope to look inside the #WeAllGrow crystal ball and see what this Aries season is predicting for you based on the Sun’s alignment.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Blow out those birthday candles and light your velas de brujería, babe. Spring is your homecoming, and you’re ready to shut it down *snaps* as you show the rest of the zodiac why you’re known as the leaders, movers, and shakers of the bunch. Did we hype you up yet? Amiga, this is a powerful time for you and actually a big year equally. You have two Aries new moon cycles in 2023 and one of them being a hybrid Solar Eclipse on May 19th. Needless to say, it’s action-packed, but that’s how you like it. You’ll move with both precision and speed as you navigate your birthday season. Implementing a grounding technique is going to be vital in order for you to remain focused and productive. Don’t spread yourself thin, and avoid self-inducing a chaotic spell. Meaning your energy is sacred. Not everyone or everything deserves access to you. Be intentional this Aries season.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Taurus, you didn’t mind Pisces season one bit. While everyone else was self-loathing, you were excelling. You saw it as a season of doubling down on your self-care routine. Now you’re inching back into your boss babe era as you tap into this Aries energy. Aries season inspires you to dabble into explorative expressions of your inner innovator and inner entrepreneur. Financial stability is where you’re primarily focused at this time. Especially since it’s a momentous 2023 for you, considering there’s a Taurus Lunar Eclipse happening on Oct. 28th that’ll help you bring closure to money woes. There could be some self-love confrontation that arises inspired by the realization to further nurture pending self-worth wounds. Overall, you’re feeling sassy, but be mindful not to penalize yourself for perceived shortcomings this Aries season.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Saturn has officially entered Pisces; your mutable sister sign in astrology. This certainly plays into how the rest of the year will progress, and Aries season is giving you the stamina needed to work through mental challenges. Gemini, you’re fired up! You’re ready to release the shackles of limiting beliefs and speak your mind – more than usual. As the chattiest of the Air sign bunch, you have no problem with self-expression. But Aries season could get you into some heated discussions if you don’t tread with strategy and precision. It’s a time when you’ll be mastering your words and your mind. As a Zodiac sign ruled by Mercury, you tend to overthink and self-doubt in habitual rituals. Wisdom is gained through the insight that your words are your sword. Slay, queen, but remember that compassion is a stronger frequency than anger.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

New year, new boundaries. Right, Cancer? Water signs are the empathic superheroes of the Zodiac. You’re well aware of your intense intuitive understanding of the world. Aries season awakens the collective into achieving their personal agendas. This creates a clash within your psyche. You’ll be primarily focused on discernment this Aries season. Understanding what influences your emotional body and why. Developing a spiritual hygiene practice to navigate the incoming intensity of energy will help you gain relief and reclaim your power. Sequentially, this season leads you to strengthening your healthy boundaries as you empower the unfolding of what that looks like through your intimate relationships. It’s a month of enlightenment for you. You’re feeling very self-aware.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

You’re excited and enthusiastic with this change in season. As a fellow fire sign, you’re over the dull and mundane. You’re primarily focused on your personal identity. A change in appearance wouldn’t be an uncommon result of this influence. Invest in a new wardrobe or change your Instagram theme. You’re quenching your inner artist, thanks to Aries season. While you’re basking in this playful energy, which is second nature for you, you’ll find yourself gravitating to less serious personalities. You’re calling in more time for play as a healing modality. Something you’ve almost forgotten since 2020 after Saturn entered Aquarius, your opposite sister sign. As a fixed sign in astrology, you can get fixated and complacent, which results in personal ruts. Aries season is encouraging you to shift into a lighter alignment. You deserve this. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Enjoy!

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Aries season is calling out your inner perfectionist and purposely begging you to loosen up through minor mess-ups. Okay, Virgo, we felt you freeze with that sentence. Don’t worry; nothing detrimental is happening. You’ll find it a time of ease as you excel through the integration of adaptation. Be adaptable. Adaptability equates to teachability. See every exchange this season as a moment of newfound knowledge. What might come across as an inconvenience is better spent perceiving as a pivot. Redirection is a blessing that can only be received via reflection. You got this, Virgo.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

As a Venus-ruled air sign, Aries season perks you up and inspires the feminine urge to bloom. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, which is your masculine counterpart. His seasonal influence has you feeling fun, flirty, and frisky as you prowl through Spring. Your intuition is keen, and your senses are heightened. You want to explore experiences and people that invoke your five senses of pleasure. Bask in the beauty that this season has to offer by socializing. Meet new people and arrange overdue get-togethers with your friends. Inspiration finds you around every corner. Who knows, you could end up becoming someone’s muse. Charm your way into Summer, and let your charisma be your guide.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Shortly after Aries season, you’re met with a Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on May 5th. Therefore, from now until then, you’ll notice you’re focused on personal growth. This is a time of pursuing the unearthing of your secret desires. You’re ready to say less and do more. You’re investing in strengthening the delivery of your actions and behaviors, and how others are showing up in a parallel capacity. Also, it’s a time of judgment. If you’re not leading through embodiment and fall short through lackluster results, it could disappoint others around you. Aries season is giving you insight and precision. Be agile. Think of the alligator. It’s an animal of agility, patience, and precision, which allows it to capture its desires successfully. Say less and do more. Show up and lead.

Sagittarius (October 23 – November 21)

You’re busy investing in partnerships this Aries season. It’s likely you’re looking to take up mentorship or be the one to provide that service to others. You’re inspired to change the world on a larger scale, and you’re determined to figure out how you fit into this philosophical picture. Naturally, you’re a Zodiac sign who can tap into higher levels of vision and inspiration. Don’t get too stuck on tunnel vision. Think of the larger picture with every opportunity possible and watch how success becomes part of the process. Aries season asks: how can Sag remain an individual but still contribute to the collective? You can absolutely keep your identity and mutually create unity. Think beyond personal agendas, and the universe will deliver good karma your way.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

We’d like to congratulate you. You’ve had a challenging but transformative last 15 years. Pluto has been in your sign since 2008, and Pluto will exit on March 23rd into the sign of Aquarius. Rejoice, Cap. Things are looking up for you. Aries season has you focused on your career. You’re feeling ready to make big shifts, and there could be a possible change in profession by May. If you’re not seeking to change your profession, it’s a time of achievements and recognition. You could experience an increase in money or a promotion. We know how much you Earth signs love to work hard and play hard. Currently, it’s a time of taking on short projects and easily attainable objectives. It’s not a time to overwhelm yourself or build a new empire overnight. This season encourages you to be a sprinter instead of a marathon runner.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

You’ve had a lot going on since 2020 when Saturn entered your sign, Aqua. In 2022 you experienced the eclipse in your fixed-sign family, and you’re still undergoing deep transformations in 2023 with the continued eclipses affecting your fixed-sign family of Taurus and Scorpio. Pluto will enter Aquarius on March 23rd, marking this year as pivotal for your personal trajectory. Aries season is asking you to terminate cycles in your life that are expired and tired. Who and what do you need to release in order to feel lighter and free? You’re on the path towards liberation, thanks to Aries lighting that fire within you. Don’t hold onto old energy that isn’t serving you. Opportunity is just one shift in mindset away.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Hello, water sign! Are you excited for Saturn daddy to be transiting your sign until 2025? Thankfully, Aries season is giving you the bravery and tenacity to ascend. You’re consumed with the choice of either defending yourself or feeling like you’re being defeated. The solution is neither. Where have you held onto illusions to keep you comfortable? Where have you deceived yourself into creating ? It’s a harsh awakening, but you’re going to rise like the warrior you are. Aries season is exacerbating ego wounds and helping you redefine yourself while debunking false narratives that you’ve convinced yourself to believe. Don’t be sorry for healing. Your healing might offend others. Saying no more to others means saying yes more often to you.

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