Valeria Hinojosa

Valerie Hinojosa

Vegan. Yogi. Social entrepreneur. Risk-taker. She worked in the Private Banking Industry as a VP for almost 5 years until she switched it all to start WaterThruSkin- Miami’s blog about a lifestyle with a conscience. Since then, she's been traveling the world visiting exotic, eco-friendly, and soul-enriching places not only to acquire a vast knowledge of different cultures, green design and plant-based cuisine but also to promote new eco-friendly and cruelty-free brands, products and hotels she works with. In the past 3 years since WTS’ inception, Valeria and her team have reviewed and promoted over 200 brands and hotels worldwide.

In 2017, Valeria also founded WTS Connect- the first conscious blogger agency with a reach of over 22 million worldwide consumers focused on sustainability and ethics.

Featured in Forbes, Self, Cosmo and AIRBNB

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