Liz Hernandez

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Liz Hernandez is a Mexican American Emmy-nominated television personality and journalist currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. Liz's passion for connecting with people inspired her to create WORDAFUL, which stands for "words are powerful." Through weekly videos and live experiences, Liz showcases feelings of inspiration and motivation that have depth and meaning.

Born and raised in Southern California, Hernandez joined NBC's Access Hollywood as a co-host in 2014. There, she was proud to be one of the entertainment news program's first Latina correspondents. Before that, she served as the long-time co-host of the #1 rated and nationally syndicated morning show, Big Boy's Neighborhood, on Los Angeles' influential Power 106 FM. It was there that she was called "The Queen of Entertainment News." The National Hispanic Media Coalition for excellence in radio broadcasting has recognized her.

It was Liz's quick-witted charm and genuine spirit that made her so appealing to listeners, and soon had MTV taking notice. In 2007, she also began working as a correspondent for MTV News. Then in 2011, television became her focus as she worked for E! News as a correspondent and host of E! News Now.

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