Sitara Monica Perez


Sitara, a petite blond sporting a delicate grapevine tattoo encircling her ring finger is a serious winemaker in what has been considered, in the past, a man’s world. In her life she's demonstrated that she lives for great experiences and great challenges. Among other things she has worked with live reptiles, was under employment for a Hungarian Count, purchased art for a small gallery in Calgary, and basically gypsied her way around Latin America and other parts of the world. In 2012 she chose to reinvent herself in the world of wine and so with few possessions and a dog she rescued in Ecuador, she moved to a little known wine valley in Baja California and embarked on a new adventure. Overcoming countless obstacles including loneliness, discouragement and financial difficulties Sitara has managed to build her business from the ground up, acquiring distribution and garnering awards for her hand-crafted wines. With humor and passion Sitara continues to evolve as a winemaker and a business woman.

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