Rachel Gomez


Rachel Gomez is the sole founder of Viva La Bonita. Born and raised in Panorama California, Rachel is cut from cloth of hard working Mexican women. These woman helped mold Rachel in the enthusiastic brand owner she is today. Rachel only spent a short time in fashion school before she realized she always had what it took to run her own fashion business. And after her college professor told her there was "no market" for a Latina street wear brand she knew it was time to leave fashion school in the past. Rachel went on work her way up in retail while simultaneously building her brand. Upon 10+ years of late nights, early mornings and relentless dedication Viva La Bonita evolved in to Rachel's full time operation. Even after her first born son Aydn, Rachel continues to dedicate countless hours to the brand she cultivated. She is inspired everyday by her son, her family, and  the women she meets daily, to keep building and keep growing Viva La Bonita.