Erick Cuesta

erick cuesta.jpeg

Born in Puerto Rico and currently residing in the city of Miami, Erick Cuesta is a bilingual makeup artist, TV Host, and Neutrogena’s Makeup Spokesman – encouraging Latina women to enhance their beauty with the #1 Dermatologist Recommended brand. Cuesta counts with more than 15 years of experience in the makeup artistry industry, and 12 year of experience in the entertainment industry.

After completing his studies in Social Communication & Entertainment Business and an extensive ongoing number of educational seminars on makeup technics, Cuesta quickly began to venture in the world of the arts.  Erick has participated in outstanding television programs such as, Tu Desayuno Alegre (Venevision) and Despierta América (Univision), always as a guest host, entertainer and Fashion/Beauty expert, as well as, co hosting the successful talk show Sin rollo ni tapujos, an important part of the morning show Despierta América at Univision.  Cuesta is a renowned and respected journalist that worked for over 10 years as the Beauty Editor and eventually Entertainment Editor for the exclusive publication Venue Magazine. 

Currently, Erick is part of the team of presenters on CNN en Español in the Emmy nominated program Showbiz.  As a Celebrity Ambassador for the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital Foundation among many other important causes, Erick is focused on giving back to the community, and thanks to the credibility he has built on the audience, Cuesta generates each day impactful impressions on his followers and general audience thru his social media platforms and on the screen.