Amber Bobadilla


Amber Bobadilla is a 27 year old Mexican American who has played a vital role in the success of Horchateria Rio Luna, a  coffee shop in Paramount, California that has fused traditional Mexican flavors with American favorites since March 2016. The sister duo
visualized starting a business that would incorporate their Mexican heritage and be profitable. The idea of making and selling horchata, churros, and coffee seemed like the perfect combination to capitalize in a market that was thirsty for a new spin on a concept that has been a part of the Latino culture for decades.

Amber is also the creator of the concha ice cream sandwich, which is one of Horchateria Rio Luna’s most iconic menu item. The social media world continues to go crazy with photos of the iconic concha with a scoop of horchata ice cream that is drizzled with cajeta and walnuts.

Amber Bobadilla, along with Ashley and brother-in law David  have now tackled a new venture. They opened a donut shop named Donas in the city of Downey, California. The shop keeps gaining popularity because it features donuts with a Mexican American flare.

Amber and Ashley, make the perfect combo because they  know the importance of hard work, family, innovation, and humility. They all recognize that the success of their company would not be possible without the help of their family, dedicated employees, social media fan base, various media outlets, and loyal guests who all have embraced their products and services with open hands.

Amber is looking forward to the future because she knows that her contributions to Horchateria Rio Luna and Donas are slowly paving the way to a successful road for everyone involved.