Valeria Hinojosa


Entrepreneur. Conscious Influencer. Vegan. Yogi. Risk- taker. She worked in the private banking industry as a VP for almost 5 years until she switched it all to start WaterThruSkin- Miami’s blog about a lifestyle with a conscience. Since then, she's been traveling the world visiting the most exotic, eco-friendly, and soul-enriching places not only to acquire a vast knowledge of different cultures, green design and plant-based cuisine but also to promote new sustainable and ethical brands, products and hotels she works with. In the past 4 years since WTS’ inception, Valeria and her team have reviewed and promoted over 300 brands and hotels worldwide. In 2017, Valeria founded WTS Connect - the first conscious blogger agency representing influencers and brands that are setting the bar high when it comes to sustainability and ethics.

This year, she launched LIKI, the first app to make a conscious lifestyle easier, fun and accessible to everyone.

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