Rebekah Jensen

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After years of suffering from psoriasis, Rebekah decided to take skincare into her own hands, literally.

Managing psoriasis takes so much more than medicine. Rebekah wanted to find products that wouldn’t irritate her skin or cause a flare-up. She wanted to enjoy a luxurious, relaxing bath & body treatment like everyone else. Rebekah wanted to know that the skincare she used would be truly safer for her skin.

So, she started researching ingredients. Which oils soothe? What ingredients are not irritating? She began to study how to make her own natural skincare products and discovering what would and wouldn’t work for her skin. Her kitchen became her test lab! Rebekah didn't just want to create another skincare line, she wanted to pull her seat to the table by paying homage to her Latin roots by celebrating indigenous Latin American botanicals in all the products she creates.

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