Marcia A. Lopez


Marcia Lopez is the founder of Women’s True Healing. Women’s True Healing is devoted to holistic and folk health care of female reproductive wellness.

With over 19 years of healing experience,  Marcia has been achieving extraordinary results in female reproductive health dysfunction, infertility, and sexual trauma recovery. She uses traditional and evolving methods of shamanic healing, abdominal therapy, herbs, yoni steaming, yoga, meditation, breath and body awareness.

She is a Master Massage Therapist and practitioner of cross cultural abdominal therapies including Mayan, Chi Nie Tsang, Ampuku, Opu Huli, Visceral Manipulation, and Cranial Sacral, she is an initiated Altamesayoc Earth steward of the Quechua shamanic lineage and ritual and ceremonial facilitator, a Somatic Sex Educator, a practitioner and educator of Kundalini Tantra and of cross cultural forms of meditation and breath work, a multidisciplinary teacher of Yoga, herbalist and plant teacher, Reiki healer, full spectrum doula including birth, miscarriage, abortion, end of life doula, and INNATE Postpartum Care- Certified Provider.

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