Linda Garcia


Linda Garcia a California native, spent most of her life on a spiritual journey seeking healing from heavy traumas and patterns. After seventeen years of working in the television and film industry for companies like Lionsgate, Pantelion and Netflix she began to feel like her life's purpose was not being fulfilled. In the midst of her frustration, she intuitively made a discovery about her menstrual cycle so powerful that it began to shape the direction she would take. She became certified in pranic healing and six months later launched her podcast Let There Be Luz, where she shares the powerful discoveries she made on the moon cycle; teaching women how to self-care throughout their phases. She began hosting sacred circles where she holds space for women of color that are seeking healing modalities and support from other women. As of September of 2018, Linda has closed the door on her career in film and made a decision to focus on Let There Be Luz Podcast full time.

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