Karen Berg


Karen Berg is a Kabbalahist, esteemed author, teacher, spiritual leader and global unifier. As the founder of The Kabbalah Centre, Karen Berg is devoted to an enduring vision—that within each person there is a spark of God that can be bound together to create transcendence beyond all differences.

Over four decades ago, Karen and her late husband, Rav Berg, set out to make Kabbalah understandable, relevant and available to all people, without exclusion. In the face of persecution and constant obstacles, Karen successfully defied thousands of years of “religious” tradition and restrictions, opening the doors for women to study Kabbalah, as well as for all people.

Today, Karen continues to passionately lead and nurture 40+ centres and has expanded her efforts to bring peace to the world through spiritual unity. Karen meets with people daily, both personally and online, serving a worldwide community of over 300,000 souls.

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