Angie Sanchez

Angie M. Sanchez QHHT.jpg

Angie Sanchez is a Certified Past Life Regression Hypnotist & Meditation Facilitator. She is trained in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) developed by the late Dolores Cannon. During a session, people go to past lives and ultimately connect with Higher Self and the Universal Collective Consciousness. Angie has been an active leader and facilitator in the spiritual space since 2002. Her experience and insights range from the Catholic Church, Nichiren Buddhism, being anointed a Priestess in the Yoruba religion in 2006 and studied Transcendental Meditation with Emily Flecther of Ziva Meditation & Mindvalley in 2013. Angie is a self-love advocate, a speaker, she facilitates live workshops, group meditations, and works with people one on one to live intentionally, joyfully, and with purpose.

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