Wendy Barba

Wendy Barba Headhshot.jpg

Wendy Barba is the Executive Director for FIERCE by mitú. She started at mitú four years ago where she developed the editorial voice that is present in so much of mitú's social content ranging from Facebook to Snapchat to Originals, and now merchandise.

After leading mitú’s editorial team for over two years, Wendy launched FIERCE by mitú, a digital-media and empowerment brand for Latinas. She oversees all the social and merch content that lives under FIERCE. She is also leading the mitú influencer program.

Before joining mitú, Wendy was an editor and reporter at Wonderwall where she conducted celebrity interviews for the editorial site and its video component.

FIERCE is a community that amplifies the voices and stories of Latinas and multi-cultural women.

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