Veronica Castagno

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Vero Castagno is a 15 time Telly Awards winner. She is the creator and influencer of VeroSweetHobby, where she teaches how to make everything sweet in a very fun way. 

Vero is also the owner of PRO X Productions, a Video Production Company based in Los Angeles and a television Creative Director and Executive Producer. 

With an extensive television career, she has worked in several top tier Networks such as Fox Sports, Movie City and Fox Hispanic Media and in the past 2 years, she has evolved and transformed herself into a social media personality creating digital content that grew at an impressive rate.

Vero has a thriving fan base on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Going from 0 to over 180,000 very engaged followers in only 2 years, she is a leader in Facebook Live attracting over a quarter of a million people per week on her VeroSweetHobby Facebook Page. She is one of the top the Live content creators in the US who has created her Facebook Live MasterClass to share her expertise with others.

She is an international speaker and an authority in the creation of television productions and digital platforms.

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