Tania Peregrino


Her Mexican roots bring out the bold colors in her soul as well as her love for food and perfect spaces. She has a keen eye for finding unique relationships between colors, textures, objects, plants and words. Seeing the world through a lens all her own, she appreciates everything that makes sense visually and allows her mind to travel. The U.S. has given her precious gifts too, including her education in art, design, branding, marketing and business. She believes that if you apply a magical combination of mind + action into your life, you can accomplish anything.

She’s a strong believer that we can design our lives no matter where we start from. Tania is creating this site to give other young professionals the big and small tools she’s found along her path. She wants to inspire others and share her experiences with all the creative minds and free souls out there. A wonderful inspiration took possession of her entire self and said to her, “it’s time you start living your dream life and decide to do so today.” She is extremely confident that if you listen to your inner voice, it will guide you to live an incredible life.

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