Stacie M. de Armas

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Stacie is a storyteller, consumer behaviorist, thought leader and a subject matter expert on the U.S. Hispanic market. Stacie works with major brands, multicultural marketing organizations, media companies, advocacy groups, policy makers and more to research and share Hispanic market & marketing trends, and insights.
She joined Nielsen in 1998 and has served in many roles related to multicultural marketing, but U.S. Hispanic marketing is her passion.
Stacie sits on the Cultural Marketing Council Board of Directors and has been the recipient of industry honors; most recently named among the most powerful and influential Latinos in entertainment by Imagen Foundation in 2018.

Stacie has her master’s degree from Texas A & M and is an adjunct professor of qualitative research at California State University Los Angeles and, when forced to make a decision, she will always choose tostones over maduros. She is first generation Cubana.

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