Heli Rodriguez Prilliman


Heli Rodriguez Prilliman is the founder and CEO of Lacquerbar – a venture backed, consumer/edtech startup that successfully raised a $1M series seed round led by Precursor Ventures. Lacquerbar is overhauling the $20B antiquated nail salon industry by offering a feminist focused salon experience that’s powered by their elite nail technician education platform, Lacquerbar U.

Within her first year of business, with only $200K pre-seed funding, Heli built an award-winning nail brand that generated over $400K in revenue and received the backing of Founder Gym and Oakland Startup Network. She is also a founding team member at Fivestars, which Y Combinator recently listed as one of their Top 100 YC Startups. As their 11th, and first female, employee, she helped scale Fivestars from 25 clients and 15K users to over 20K clients and 50M users.

Heli is the daughter of an undocumented Mexican immigrant, the granddaughter of a civil rights activist, and a graduate of Texas A&M University. Her current obsessions are true crime documentaries, streetwear, and Pen15 (the Hulu show, not the club).

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