Cristina Escobar

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A communications, marketing, and programming consultant, Cristina Escobar has helped lead feminist causes for over a decade. She created and serves as the principal of Cristina Escobar Andrade Consulting ( and co-founded Mujeres Problemáticas (, a blog critiquing film and media from the Latina perspective. She previously served as Director of Communications for The Representation Project, which uses film as a catalyst for cultural transformation. There, she hosted a national conversion around gender norms, reaching 2.5 million people a week and engaging up to 10% of them with groundbreaking campaigns such as #AskHerMore. Prior to that, Cristina spent eight years at the national domestic violence prevention agency, Break the Cycle, including as Deputy Director. In her tenure, she more than doubled website traffic to the group, developed the agency’s bilingual materials, and ran public awareness campaigns. Discussing issues ranging from domestic violence to women’s representation in media, Cristina has been featured in the Associated Press, Anderson Cooper Live, CNN, NPR, Mic, Refinery29, and more. She has also presented at events such as the Women’s March Women’s Convention, the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, and the Women’s Media Summit.

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