Read Conmigo, sponsored by Infinity Insurance, is a parent-focused bilingual literacy campaign that encourages Hispanic parents to read to their children at home through the distribution of free bilingual children’s books. The mission of Read Conmigo is to promote bilingual literacy, one family at a time. The campaign promotes the distinct educational, social, financial, and even medical benefits of bilingualism and provides parents with free tools and resources to help them create a lifelong love of reading in both languages.

Read Conmigo books feature engaging and cultural stories in both English and Spanish for children in pre-K through 5th grade. Books are available online, in print and as mobile apps. Parents and educators can subscribe online to receive free bilingual books at

Since its inception in 2010, Read Conmigo has distributed over 1 million free books to families, schools, and libraries nationwide. The White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics recognized Read Conmigo as a “Bright Spot” in Hispanic Education for its work in supporting Latino educational attainment and excellence. Today, over 120,000 families and 14,000 educators are served by Read Conmigo. The campaign also creates opportunities for new Hispanic authors. Learn more at

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