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Since 1910, La Lechera has been a companion, accomplice and key ingredient in some of the most delicious desserts and sweetest memories created by moms around the world.  Whether enjoyed in a tres leches cake, flan or simply eaten out of the can, everyone has their own special bond with La Lechera. For those who live far from family or in a different country, one way to relive those memories and pass on heritage and culture is through food and desserts. Latina Moms use La Lechera, a product they trust and grew up with to connect with those childhood memories and cultural pride. Many even think their desserts don’t taste the same if they don’t use La Lechera.

La Lechera takes moments, recipes, activities and special occasions and elevates them from ordinary to extraordinary and gives us one more reason to celebrate and nourish our loved ones with delicious treats that have become synonymous to Latin culture.

NESTLÉ® LA LECHERA® is the #1 Sweetened Condensed Milk brand in the world. In the U.S.A., NESTLÉ® LA LECHERA® offers a wide portfolio of products, including NESTLÉ® LA LECHERA® Sweetened Condensed Milk can and squeeze bottle, NESTLÉ® LA LECHERA® Dulce de Leche can and squeeze bottle and other better-for-you products such as NESTLÉ® LA LECHERA Fat Free can, NESTLÉ® LA LECHERA® 50% less sugar and NESTLÉ® LA LECHERITA®. 


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