How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome


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Don’t let imposter syndrome take the driver’s seat anymore – you’re in control, amiga.

Have you ever faced that nagging feeling that you don’t deserve that promotion you’re offered? Or maybe you’re not worthy of a seat at the table, a prestigious award, or praise for your talents. Whatever the circumstance, you are facing a classic case of imposter syndrome. More often than not, imposter syndrome rears its ugly head while we’re grinding at work. Despite having the essential qualifications, awards, and experience for your role, the persistent feeling of being undeserving or unworthy of opportunities can present itself in the most crucial moments of a person’s career. And we’re the ones that it affects the most: according to the National Institutes of Health, symptoms of imposter syndrome affect women and minority groups disproportionately. While it’s easy to feel alone as you spiral into complicated feelings of chronic self-doubt, you are not alone in the experience. Some of the most iconic people have admitted to facing imposter syndrome. From Michelle Obama to Maya Angelou, women of color are no stranger to the manifestation of constant mental chatter. The good news – there are ways to overcome it, amiga, and we’ve gathered these tips with  our friends at T. Rowe Price to help.

Talk it out with someone you trust.

Find a trusted friend, mentor, or colleague to unpack the thoughts and feelings that your mind has been tightly clinging to. Remember, you are not the only one that has faced imposter syndrome, and sometimes hearing a similar experience from someone else serves as an effective way to calm the voice of your inner critic.

Make a list.

To celebrate your success, simply jot down five to ten reasons to celebrate your success. Remind yourself you are qualified for whatever it is you seek. Don’t be humble. Take this moment to pull yourself out of the imposter syndrome spiral and own the role you played in your accomplishments. Save the list and revisit it when those moments of self-doubt resurface.

Connect with your collaborators and colleagues.

Nurture your professional relationships, ask questions, and schedule 1:1 chats whether it’s in person or virtually. Leaning on your colleagues from the get-go creates an environment you can trust. When you trust your collaborators, you’re less likely to feel you need to prove anything. You are enough, amiga.

Lead with courage.

When it comes that moment for you to shine, compartmentalize the self-doubt bubbling up and give way to courage. 

Calm your nervous system.

Start your day with a solid foundation. Practice getting enough sleep, eat nourishing food, and find ways to center yourself and tap into your creativity. Practicing meditation helps combat stress and improves your attention span. Listening to gentle music improves emotional and mental health. Truly the opportunities for self-regulation are endless and will help fight off the critical voice trying to sneak in. Our partner, T.Rowe Price, is a global company that prioritizes a healthy work environment rooted in a community feel. They understand how difficult it can be to navigate life as a new hire, and share this main tip with new hires to start strong and keep imposter syndrome at bay.

Lean on your colleagues.

Get to know a veteran employee who can show you the ropes. Navigating a new role can become overwhelming with so many new tasks, people, and systems to learn and adapt to. But don’t let that overwhelm run you. Instead, take action by reaching out for support. Don’t be afraid to ask questions while finding your footing those first few months.

If you’ve reclaimed your confidence with these steps and are ready to take the next step in your career at a company that helps its employees grow and fight imposter syndrome, T. Rowe Price is committed to your professional growth. We invite you to apply to discover where your talents can thrive in their team of forward-thinkers. 

Here’s the truth: you are enough. But making mistakes is part of the job. Hell, it’s part of life. The most important thing is not letting the mistake define you. Hold yourself accountable. Learn where you have room for growth and improvement. And move forward, amiga! 

If you are interested in taking the next step in your career, check out the career opportunities at T.Rowe Price – a global company with a community feel.




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