Life is not made of big events, those are few and far in between. Mainly, life is made of little moments, those moments we share with the people we love and make us happy.

The problem is we wait for these little moments to happen by themselves, as if by magic; whenin reality, we should be creating more of those moments. We should be making them happen. So let’s not wait for “the right time.” Let’s make the right time be today, let’s create the opportunity tonight, let’s not think of the next time but the now. Let’s enjoy life moment by moment. Let’s get together with our family, our friends. Let’s celebrate for no reason other than life itself. Let’s not wait to say what we feel, to do what we want. Let’s make the wonderful, little moments happen. And in many of those moments you’ll find yourself with a cup of NESCAFÉ Clásico in your hand, because those wonderful moments are even more enjoyable when you add your “sabor” to them - the bold delicious aroma and flavor of NESCAFÉ Clásico. So Let’s not wait, let’s make more of those little flavorful moments happen.

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