This brand was born in the digital world and is rapidly growing.


Launched during April 2015, Gaby decided to take her career one step further with the launch of her very own brand.

As a signature brand, it focuses on her own needs and preferences. It serves as an inspiration to those who have to multitask and juggle, but still enjoy their everyday lives.

There are many women out there seeking advice, tips, answers and reassurance. Empowering moms, hard workers, students, girlfriends, wives and women in general follow Gaby’s path and constantly ask her to be close to them. So she listened! Gaby acted on her followers’ requests and she found a way to be connected to them all the time! Her audience is literally guiding her brand.

Gaby Espino The Brand follows Gaby’s preferences and gives back by offering her audience exactly what they are looking for.