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I am a latina artist and a mindful creative coach. Dari Luna is an extension of me, a space where it’s vital to experience creative truth. I’m an eternal student and an intuition-follower. Here I invite you to hold onto your courage as it rises above the resistance that inevitably shows up when we attempt to do the work that matters most, the one that leaves the world better than how we found it.

 Dari Luna stands for creating life meaning through expressing your unique voice. I truly believe that as long as we are alive, we are creative beings. Creativity has the capacity to propel your business and your personal life to magical heights, regardless of your profession. The creative process is a strong healing force, using the limitless source that we are made of.  Everything I make is to inspire you (and me) to stay in touch with your creative force and to go after your wildest dreams. I hope my work reminds you of how beautiful and perfect you are. I hope it inspires you to put your ideas into action, to seek out experiences beyond your comfort zone and to create a body of work that takes you closer to the highest expression of yourself.

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