Child Safety Starts Arriba Y Lejos with Tide® and Gain®

Keeping our kids safe should start at home.  We always think of home as a safe haven, but it's the first place we have to focus on when it comes to child safety.  Tide® and Gain® know that one of the rooms we spend a lot of time in and tend to overlook when it comes to keeping things out of our children's reach is the laundry room.   Last week was Poison Prevention Week and we learned from many #LatinaBloggers about their personal laundry room safety experiences and tips about keeping hazardous items #ArribaYLejos.


Unknown Mami

"It’s a powerful, phenomenal thing, but let’s remember that with great power comes great responsibility and in this case, as a parent, my responsibility is to keep my kids safe from the awesome products that make my life easier like Tide Pods and Gain Flings  because they demand the same kinds of precautions that all household cleaning products require."


Very Busy Mama

"I prefer my children to learn household responsibilities at an early age, know the truths (such as what is dangerous, etc.)"


Second Chanced Girl

 "As a parent, I take extra precaution when it comes to storing these pods. I love using my pods. They are super convenient and much less time consuming than having to measure out three products. I am aware of the dangers though so they go up on that shelf and the kids are not allowed in the laundry room."


El Tintero de Mama

"Lo primordial es reconocer que los niños pequeños son autodidactas y todo lo quieren saber y exploran el mundo con sus boquitas. El que los niños se lleven objetos a la boca es absolutamente normal y hasta beneficioso para su desarrollo, por lo que no debemos de tratar de evitar esta etapa de los pequeños. Sin embargo, lo que si debemos hacer es estar conscientes y alerta en todo momento."

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4 Must-have Munchkin Products For Your Baby’s Nursery

First, there’s the excitement of finding out you’re pregnant, and then the anticipation of finding out if you’re having a boy or a girl!  That’s when the exciting part really begins because you get to start planning; planning on names, on colors, nursery themes, and everything that goes your baby’s new home!

Latina Bloggers Connect recently partnered with Munchkin® to highlight some of the must-haves when preparing for your bundle of joy.   Living Colorful and Lola Blue Style both shared images of their adorable nurseries and items they couldn’t do without!

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 12.19.27 PM.png

Swaddle Angel Blankets

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 12.28.27 PM.png

LATCH bottle

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 12.24.56 PM.png

Owl Light My Way™ Nightlight

“Thanks to the products and companies dedicated to making baby’s and mom’s lives fun and easy, honestly some of these things I don’t think I could have survived the first weeks without and they let me enjoy this adventure much more, instead of worrying about all the little things.” - Elba Valverde

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 12.22.31 PM.png

Diaper Pail by Munchkin®

“My favorite baby items aside from that gorgeous crystal lamp and Emme's personalized banner is my Arm & Hammer Munchkin Diaper Pail by Munchkin. Since we share a room I wanted to be sure to have those stinky diapers deep in that pail to avoid any and all diaper smells. The baking soda cartridge on top keeps all those odors away. Every time you insert a diaper a sprinkle of baking soda is dispensed into the bag.” - Erika Batista

Sick Day Activities for Kids During Cold and Flu Season

Cold and Flu season has hit some of us very hard.  Especially these past few weeks with cold fronts and blizzards, it's practically unavoidable to get sick.  Having the kids home during sick days can be a little stressful on mom and the kids.  Check out some of the essentials items our #LatinaBloggers are sharing to keep our kids from getting those pesky colds and some activities you can do when they've already brought it home.

Pediacare 7onashoestring

7 On A Shoestring

"The winter months typically bring cold and flu season. It is that time of year when illness strikes and we often find ourselves at home with a sick child. This can translate into the need for sick day activities for kids along with plenty of PediaCare®."

Pediacare El Tintero de Mama

El Tintero de Mama

"Y no te abrumes, si la enfermedad llega a casa, puedes mantener a tu pequeño ocupado y relajado realizando pequeñas actividades para evitar el aburrimiento y ayudarlo a mejorar su estado de ánimo."

Pediacare Notas De Mama

Notas De Mama

"Estas son 5 ideas que puedes utilizar para mantener entretenido a tu pequeño mientras descansa y se recupera del resfrío, además de utilizar uno de los medicamentos especializados para niños que tiene PediaCare® y ahora pueden encontrarse en su tienda Dollar General más cercana."

Pediacare - At The Fire Hydrant 3

At The Fire Hydrant

"I have to say that I am not looking forward to runny noses and fever spikes, but I love spending time with my little one and if I can help her feel a little better when she’s feeling crummy then I am happy to do it."

Visit PediaCare® or the PediaCare® Facebook Page for more info.

Smiling It Forward with Tylenol

Last month, our Los Angeles, New York and Miami #LatinaBloggers were invited to a luncheon event sponsored by Tylenol® and hosted by Dr. Aliza Lifshitz.  The ladies got to experience an afternoon full of blogger friends, delicious food and wonderful talk about how to keep their family healthy during these colder months.  Part of the event was to learn about The Children's Health Fund mobile clinics for disadvantaged children and all the wonderful things they are doing for families across the country. To learn more about Smiling It Forward and The Children's Health Fund check out the following posts. display

One Sunday Morning

"At this brunch, we had a chance to pick the brain of an expert and boy did we. She gave us some great tips on how to keep our babies healthy and we even got to ask her about all those "old wives tales" and myths our abuelas told us. It was great!"


Viva Fashion

"Last week I was invited to the TYLENOL SMILING IT FORWARD Sobremesa event with Dr. Aliza, a renowned physician and founder of Vida y Salud. It was a brunch style event with several bloggers where we got to learn and ask questions on how to keep our little ones smiling and healthy through the cold and flu season."


My Friend Betty

"Unfortunately, not every child in this country has what really should be basic medical care; thankfully, Tylenol is doing their part. We all can too. By supporting Children’s Health Fund, Tylenol can help bring smiles to the thousands of undeserved children who receive high-quality healthcare via their fleet of over 50 mobile medical units across the country."


Lola Blue Style

"And all this is possible through The Children's Fund and Tylenol is one of their advocates who provide the funds needed to make this amazing cause possible."


Pear Mama

"I think this is such a wonderful program. There are so many children in need (even those with working parents) who just can't afford proper healthcare. Now these families can visit one of these "doctor's office on wheels" and take care of their kids."


Estilo Familiar

"La detalles decorativos y arquitectónicos del lugar dieron pie a un almuerzo muy ameno con las compañeras blogueras. Estuvimos conociendo más a fondo el porqué blogueamos y cuál es nuestra visión. Un momento lindo para ponernos al día y sincronizar nuestros pensamientos en nuestras familias y la comunidad que se nutre de la información que le brindamos." To read more about Tylenol® and Smiling It Forward follow #SmilingItForward.

Exploring El Mundo Divertido de Peep Bilingual Website

We love when things go bilingual and we just can't get enough, especially when its geared towards kids and teaching them Spanish. This month #LatinaBloggers were able to explore the new Peep and the Big Wide World bilingual website and digital hub also know as El Mundo Divertido de Peep and create some fun activities inspired by the new website. Check out how much fun they had.


Kinda Silly Mom

"One of the categories that you can explore on the Peep website is Animals & Plants. For us anything involved with going outdoors is what we are all about."


Growing Up Bilingual

"From the first time my kids saw Peep and the Big World on TV they loved it. The fun characters are always up to something interesting that wakes up their creativity and keeps my kids entertained and I love that these simply and fun characters are always teaching kids something new."


Estilo Familiar

"El portal de Peep and the Big Wide World / El Mundo Divertido de Peep es bilingüe y cuenta con una inmensidad de actividades para hacer en familia. Son proyectos sencillos que puedes hacer sólo con tus hijos o con un grupo de amigos."


The Sensible Mom

"One of my favorite parts of the Peep and the Big Wide World website is the educators area where you can find a number of different activities to engage your child and encourage their curiosity."

My Chore Chart Printable - At The Fire Hydrant

At The Fire Hydrant

"One of the lessons was called Set me a place, where ordinary household routines offer great opportunities for the kids to learn and practice number skills and to help make them feel important."


Notas de Mama

"Ultimamente esta oscureciendo muy rápido, atrás quedaron los días de juego al aire libre hasta las 8 de la noche hasta el próximo verano, pero no significa que no podemos divertirnos y aprender al  mismo tiempo."

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Celebrating Baby's Soon Arrival with Huggies® Little Snugglers

Welcoming a baby is always such a joy! This past weekend our Bay Area #LatinaBloggers got together to celebrate the soon arrival of Living Colorful's Elba Valverde's baby boy.  Elba truly outdid herself with an adorable circus themed baby shower that even included an adorable Huggies® Little Snugglers diaper cake. ColorfulCircusThemedBabyShower_LiveColorful5

Charming circus zebra cake


Bay Area Latina Bloggers: Lynda Thorn from Mommy Powers, Elba Valverde, Alicia Gonzalez from 247 Modern Mom and Rosanna Alvarez from Citlali Rose.

Amigas Huggies Blogger Pic

The Mommy to-be Elba with Gilda Campos from El Tintero de Mama & Ismerai Dominguez from Love Luxe Co.


Huggies® Little Snugglers Diaper Cake


The Parents To-Be

To see more delightful baby shower event pictures and to learn how you can enter for a chance to win your dream baby registry, follow #AmigasHuggies.