Your Voice Speaks Volume

Have you ever been in a situation where you've let someone diminish you? In professional and personal settings, there is always someone on the defensive trying to control you. Try being the operative word. The moment you fail to uphold your character, is the moment you miss an opportunity to grow. Pent up emotions will only escalate the resentment. What good would it be if you LET the other overpower you?

If you're always compromising yourself, then it's time to get to a point to gain enough confidence to hold your ground. Lack of self-worth can be seen right through. These actions are driven by fear. The next time you feel you are being dominated, build a foundation of self- love.

Go within and focus on the qualities that empower you. We all have them. Trust in them and know that if you show your strength, it's a surefire way to take control of the situation.

Ask yourself why you allow yourself to be disrespected. What has happened in your past that continues to haunt your confidence? Make a conscious decision to forgive yourself. We're not perfect and sometimes we try very hard to be perfect. We all make mistakes and once you give yourself a break, this will redirect your attention in gaining ground.

Lastly, celebrate your worth. Know that you worked your best to get where you are today. Don't let a negative person hinder your human spirit. Love yourself first. You are number one. Rather than stand in fear, stand in grace.

Your VoiceS peaks Volume - latinabloggers