Yalitza Aparicio to Receive the First Ever #WeAllGrow Changemaker Award at the 2019 Summit

Yalitza WeAllGrow  Changemaker Award

A changemaker is someone who has realized what we are all capable of: Affecting change by stepping into the innate power that we all have but too few of us fully embrace. Guided by their power, instead of their fear, a changemaker steps into the unknown and turns a moment that most would say NO to into a moment of YES. These moments of yes change lives and history. We celebrate changemakers for helping us all realize that we too can embrace our power. #WeAreCHANGEMAKERS.

Our inaugural #WeAllGrow CHANGEMAKER Award goes to Yalitza Aparicio, who perfectly embodies what it’s like to be guided by our power instead of our fear. Yalitza had no background in acting when she was cast as Cleo in the film “Roma” and she certainly had no aspirations of becoming the first indigenous American woman to receive an Oscar nomination for best actress, but she said YES and her moment of YES has extended far beyond herself. Her YES has helped spark conversations about the treatment of domestic workers, the lack of indigenous representation in the media and too-long-held notions of a supposed “standard” of beauty. Her YES makes her a CHANGEMAKER and for that we are grateful. Thank you, Yalitza.

Join us in welcoming Yalitza Aparicio to the #WeAllGrow Summit 2019 stage for an intimate fireside chat and as we honor her as our first ever CHANGEMAKER Award recipient.