Why Wellness Day Is a Perfect Way to Cap off of #WeAllGrow Summit

Image credit:  Carolina Adame

Image credit: Carolina Adame

#WeAllGrow Summit is an incredible three day experience full of learning, inspiration, growth, networking and fun. It is so full of wonder and growth that by the time it is over – let’s be real – we’re spent. Spent in a good way, but spent. Enter Wellness Day: A day dedicated to connecting with and replenishing ourselves before heading back to “life as usual.”

During Wellness Day 2019, we luxuriated in wellness, mindfulness, holistic health practices and connecting with the ancestral knowledge that lives within all of us. Most of all, we looked inward to set our intentions for growth.

Our day of wellness began with outdoor yoga and a healthy breakfast sponsored by The American Heart Association.

Image credit:  Carolina Adame

Image credit: Carolina Adame

Together we went on a journey of cleansing, cultivating and expansion facilitated through a meditative experience designed to embody all that is #WeAllGrow. Then we explored how we can reclaim our ancestral knowledge and use it to heal through a panel discussion. Attendees had the opportunity to browse and buy products from the open-air Wellness Marketplace throughout the day.

During two periods of the day attendees could choose from different Wellness Circle experiences that included:

  • Cacoa Ceremony

  • Group Quantum Healing Hypnosis

  • Energy Healing + Sound Self-Care

  • Yoni: Woke Womb Work With the Brujas of Brooklyn

  • Rebozo Healing Workshop

  • Good Vibes & Chill Vision Board Workshop

  • Open Heart Breathwork

  • Maya Wisdom for Womb Healing


Our keynote lunch sponsored by HBO had us discussing mental health issues in the Latinx communtiy. After lunch, attendees participated in their second round of Wellness Circles, then we all came together again and were treated to a delicious snack and chat sponsored by California Strawberries.

The day wrapped up with:

  • Conscious Entrepreneurs Panel

  • Devine Feminine Meditation

  • Eco Travel and Conscious Lifestyle Keynote

  • Fireside Chat With Yung Pueblo

  • Entrepreneurship and the New Level of Consciousness Closing Keynote

Image credit:  Robson Müzel

Image credit: Robson Müzel

The experience was filled with so much food for thought, growth and inspiration. It was a beautiful contemplative pause in which we could reflect on how we want to incorporate the things we learned during #WeAllGrow Summit into our lives. And we all benefited from the reminder to always center and take care of ourselves.